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This page provides a list of random articles from this wiki (in random order).

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Symbol power — power utilized by Samurai Rangers (often through kanji)
Zeo Rangers — Ranger team who battled the Machine Empire
Jack Red SPD Ranger
Overdrive Rangers — Ranger team who sought to keep the Corona Aurora from evil hands
Command Center and Power Chamber — headquarters for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (as Command Center) and Zeo/Turbo Rangers (as Power Chamber)
Jake Black Mega Ranger, Green Super Mega Ranger
Ninja academies — assorted mystical ninja schools
Trent White Dino Ranger
Rita and Zedd's forces Rita and Zedd's various assistants, artifacts, and territories
Zack Black MMPR (first)
Gosei — mentor to the Mega Rangers
Mystic Rangers — Ranger team who used magic to battle Underworld forces
Alpha — robotic assistant(s) to Zordon and the Power Rangers
Rose Pink Overdrive Ranger
Blue Senturion — robotic police officer who assisted the Turbo Rangers
Armada — alien forces who battled the Super Mega Rangers
Turtle Cove — city from which the Animarium was dislodged long ago
Jungle Fury Zords — animal spirits / Zords used by Jungle Fury Rangers
Samurai Rangers — Ranger team who battled Nighlok forces
Silver Hills — city in which the Time Force Rangers lived
Legendary Battle — battle packed with most (or all) Rangers from Mighty Morphin through Super Megaforce
Onyx — planet frequented by assorted villains and aliens
Kendrix Pink Galaxy Ranger (first)
Ronny Yellow Overdrive Ranger
Summer RPM Ranger Yellow

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