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Onyx — planet frequented by assorted villains and aliens
Samurai families — families through which the Samurai Ranger powers were passed
Briarwood — city in which the Mystic Ranger teens lived
Hunter and Blake — brothers who served as Thunder Rangers
Karone — alter ego of Astronema, later Pink Galaxy Ranger (second)
Samurai Rangers — Ranger team who battled Nighlok forces
Will Black Overdrive Ranger
Tanya Zeo Ranger II, Yellow Turbo Ranger (first)
Magna Defender — warrior who (eventually) fought alongside the Galaxy Rangers
Trip Green Time Force Ranger
Ocean Bluff — city in which the Jungle Fury Rangers took up residence
Ninja academies — assorted mystical ninja schools
Pai Zhua — organization responsible for training warriors to battle Dai Shi
Cassie Pink Turbo Ranger (second), Pink Space Ranger
Carlos Green Turbo Ranger (second), Black Space Ranger
Divatox's forces — forces and equipment used by Divatox
Bridge Green SPD Ranger (later Blue, then Red)
Monsters — creatures battled by the Power Rangers, usually one per episode
Zeo Crystal Zeo Rangers' power source
Trini Yellow MMPR (first)
Troy Red Mega Ranger, Red Super Mega Ranger
Dai Shi — villain whose forces battled the Jungle Fury Rangers
Super Mega Rangers — powered-up form of Mega Rangers; able to use powers of Legendary Rangers
Machine Empire — mechanical villains whose forces battled the Zeo Rangers
Masked Rider — transforming hero from the planet Edenoi

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