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Hunter and Blake — brothers who served as Thunder Rangers
Muiranthias — island where Maligore was released (and defeated)
Space Ranger Zords — Zords used by the Space Rangers
Rita and Zedd — main villains throughout MMPR
Time Force — police force in the year 3000
Will Black Overdrive Ranger
Rita and Zedd's forces Rita and Zedd's various assistants, artifacts, and territories
Lothor — villain whose forces battled the Ninja Storm Rangers
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie — feature film released between seasons 2 and 3; also had an "official comic book adaptation" by Marvel Comics
Chad Blue Lightspeed Ranger
Carter Red Lightspeed Ranger
Joel Green Lightspeed Ranger
Space dumpster — canister from which Rita Repulsa and her forces were released
Kira Yellow Dino Ranger
Onyx — planet frequented by assorted villains and aliens
Justin Blue Turbo Ranger
Zack Black MMPR (first)
Symbol power — power utilized by Samurai Rangers (often through kanji)
Bulk and Skull — bumbling duo, originally attended high school with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Lightspeed — organization which backed the Lightspeed Rangers to protect Mariner Bay
Samurai Zords — Zords used by the Samurai Rangers
Cam Green Samurai Ranger (Ninja Storm)
Divatox's forces — forces and equipment used by Divatox
Timeline — chronological list of major events in Power Rangers
Jason Red MMPR (first), Gold Zeo Ranger (second)

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