villain whose forces battled the Ninja Storm Rangers

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Original Name Kiya1
Last Name Watanabe? (see Cam)

Associated Characters/Elements

Lothor's twin brother (see Sensei)
Lothor's nephew (see Cam)

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Ninja Storm

Having been banished from the Wind Ninja Academy years prior for trying to steal the Samurai Amulet2, Lothor later returned to Earth with an army of evil space ninjas3. Though he attacked the Thunder Ninja Academy and Wind Ninja Academy (and perhaps many more?), Lothor was challenged by the Wind Rangers4; his Thunder Rangers attacked Sensei but eventually learned Lothor had killed their parents in their youth5. Per the Scroll of Destiny (which he'd stolen before his banishment), Lothor allowed his generals to be destroyed6, filling the Abyss of Evil to overflowing7 (he also left Marah and Kapri to perish on his self-destructing ship, but they escaped8). Though he stole the Rangers' powers using the Samurai Amulet, Lothor was knocked into the abyss and sealed within9.

Dino Thunder

After emerging from the abyss, Lothor tied up Sensei and impersonated him to turn the Wind Rangers evil; he then attacked the Wind Ninja Academy10. At this point, Mesogog invited Lothor to his fortress11 to forge an alliance, but after the Dino Rangers and Ninja Storm Rangers defeated Lothor's forces, Mesogog turned on Lothor, shrinking him into a jar12 (his fate unknown after this point).


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