Lothor's forces

forces (somewhat) loyal to Lothor

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in cloak
serious armored assistant1
green assistant2
gold robotic assistant (often wore a cloak)3
alien bounty hunter4
ancient warlord5

Marah and Kapri

Lothor's nieces6 ("by marriage," he qualified7), Marah and Kapri served among Lothor's forces (Lothor noted having been asked to take them "for the summer"8 and threatened to banish them "back to [their] parents"9). Marah later betrayed Dustin10, to her apparent regret11. The duo eventually appeared to scheme against Lothor12, but this was part of his plan to open the Abyss of Evil; Lothor then left the duo in his self-destructing ship, but they escaped with "cousin" Cam's help and subsequently joined the Wind Ninja Academy13.

Ninja Storm
Ninja Storm
Kapri and Marah
as ninjas


Lothor's ship
Kelzak Furies
Lothor's spaceship base14
monster-summoner used by Marah and Kapri15
Scroll of Empowerment
scroll which flew to Earth (deployed from the ship using the PAM) and enlarged monsters
Lothor's foot soldiers16
Kelzak Furies
stronger version of Kelzaks17
Abyss of Evil
afterlife for Lothor's forces18


Most monsters listed below were among forces serving Lothor. Unless otherwise noted, monsters were enlarged (when applicable) by the Scroll of Empowerment. Names marked with an asterisk were listed in end credits. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Notes
Blue Face* Prelude to a Storm wasn't enlarged
Mad Magnet* There's No "I" in Team
Copybot* Beauty and the Beach
Terramole* Looming Thunder
[Thunder Rangers] Thunder Strangers, parts 1–3; Return of Thunder, parts 1–3
Amphibidor* Thunder Strangers, part 2
[Zurgane Zord] Thunder Strangers, part 3 only appeared in giant size
Florabundicus* Nowhere to Grow
Snipster* Snip It, Snip It Good
Toxipod* Return of Thunder, part 1
Supertoxipod* Return of Thunder, parts 2 & 3
[Choobo]* Return of Thunder, part 4 survived giant destruction (seen in miniature form afterwards)
Bopp-a-roo* Boxing Bopp-a-roo
General Trayf* Pork Chopped
Madtroplis* The Samurai's Journey, parts 1 & 2
talent show monsters The Samurai's Journey, part 2 assorted monsters seen in Marah and Kapri's talent show (Hip Hopper, Starvark, Tentacreep, Skyscrapper, Sucker*); only Skyscrapper named in dialog, only Sucker credited
Operation: Alien Outreach monsters The Samurai's Journey, part 3 assorted monsters sent to distract the Rangers from Sucker's attack (Hip Hopper, Tentacreep, Skyscrapper, Starvark*, Magic Mustache); only Starvark credited (and Skyscrapper named above); other names from unidentified (official?) source
Sucker* The Samurai's Journey, part 3
Fragra* Scent of a Ranger
Mr. Ratwell* I Love Lothor
DJ Drummond* Good Will Hunter
Beevil* All About Beevil
Footzilla* Sensei Switcheroo
Slob Goblin* Tongue and Cheek
[Motodrone]* Brothers in Arms destroyed in normal size, soon rebuilt
[Vexacus]* Shane's Karma, parts 1 & 2 survived his ship's destruction (normal size) 
[Zurgane Zord II] Shane's Karma, parts 1 & 2 only appeared in giant size
Wolfblades Shimazu Returns, parts 1 & 2 Shimazu's three monsters19; combined into a single giant form20
Goldwinger* The Wild Wipeout wasn't enlarged
Inflatron* Double-Edged Blake
Eyezak Eye of the Storm uncredited but named in dialog
[Zurgane Zord III] General Deception, parts 1 & 2 only appeared in giant size
[Hyper Zurgane Zord] General Deception, part 2 only appeared in giant size
Condortron A Gem of a Day named in dialog; uncredited, but seen in writing on Vexacus's scroll
[Marah Zord], [Kapri Zord], [Shimazu Zord] Down and Dirty only appeared in giant size
Vexacus (again) Storm Before the Calm, part 1 enlarged and destroyed
[Lothor Zord] Storm Before the Calm, part 2 only appeared in giant size; apparently self-destructed
Abyss of Evil forces Storm Before the Calm, part 2 assorted monsters and generals released from Abyss of Evil; none enlarged
two generals Thunder Storm, parts 1 & 2 unnamed monsters who accompanied Lothor out of the Abyss; weren't enlarged


Zurgane Zord
Zurgane Zord II
Zurgane Zord II
Lightning Mode
Zurgane Zord III
Hyper Zurgane Zord
Kapri Zord
Marah Zord
Shimazu Zord
Lothor Zord
Zurgane Zord
unnamed Zord piloted by Zurgane21
Zurgane Zord II
unnamed Zord piloted by Zurgane; branded with roman numeral II, had its own Lightning Mode (sleek, fast)22
Zurgane Zord III
unnamed Zord piloted by Zurgane; branded with roman numeral III, scanned Rangers' Power Spheres23
Hyper Zurgane Zord
Zord piloted by Zurgane; wielded Hyper Sword (deployed from a Power Sphere produced using data scanned by Zurgane Zord III)24
Kapri Zord
unnamed Zord piloted by Kapri25
Marah Zord
unnamed Zord piloted by Marah26
Shimazu Zord
unnamed Zord piloted by Shimazu27
Lothor Zord
unnamed Zord piloted by Lothor; apparently blasted open the overflowing Abyss of Evil28


Ninja Storm

After Lothor's banishment from Earth, he amassed an army of evil space ninjas29 (traveling "through time and space" to do so, according to the Scroll of Destiny30). His initial forces included Marah, Kapri, Zurgane, Choobo, and Kelzaks31 (as well as the Thunder Rangers for a time32, but he was later joined by the robot Motodrone33, the alien bounty hunter Vexacus34, and the ancient warlord Shimazu35. While conspiring against Lothor, Vexacus later destroyed Zurgane36 and Motodrone37; pretending to scheme on their own, Marah and Kapri destroyed Shimazu38 and sent Vexacus to his doom, triggering the Abyss of Evil to overflow39. The Rangers (and freed ninja students) defeated Lothor's resurrected forces and knocked Lothor into the abyss, which then imploded shut40.

Dino Thunder

Lothor later escaped from the abyss, bringing two new allies with him, and Marah and Kapri volunteered to help (now with ninja skills)41. Venturing into the abyss, Cam, Hunter, and Blake battled Zurgane and assorted forces to retrieve the Samurai Amulet (with the help of Sensei, whom Marah and Kapri secretly freed); Zurgane and said forces then emerged and (unsuccessfully) battled the Dino Rangers and Ninja Storm Rangers42. Marah and Kapri then joined the Rangers in watching Blake's race43.


Were Marah and Kapri definitely sisters? Could they have been cousins instead?

They weren't expressly stated to be sisters (?). Both were said to be Lothor's nieces44 (related by marriage45), and both addressed Cam as "cousin"46, but these relations could still apply if Marah and Kapri were cousins instead of sisters. This would mean, however, that when Lothor threatened to banish both "back to [their] parents47 (the ones who suggested Lothor keep Marah and Kapri for the summer48?), he was referring to their respective sets of parents. Is this unlikely?

What happened to Choobo?

After escaping the destruction of Lothor's ship, Choobo was present among Lothor's forces at the site of the Abyss of Evil; he and other generals were last seen being blasted by the Red Battlized Ranger. It's unknown whether they were destroyed at this point, or perhaps otherwise dealt with by the ninja students on site or sucked into the abyss when it imploded49, but note that Zurgane (also last seen blasted alongside Choobo) later appeared in the abyss50.

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