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Last Name Kendall1

Associated Characters/Elements

Lucas's racing rival (see Dash)


Time Force

In the year 3000, Lucas (a race car driver2) was among a small team of Time Force officers from whose prison convoy Ransik escaped; the team was relieved of their duties3 but (per Jen) took the Chrono Morphers to the year 2001 in pursuit of Ransik4. At one point, Ransik threatened Lucas into "dating" Nadira after she'd mistaken a poem about his first race car for a love poem to her; she dumped him, however, after he began acting like a slob (with no money)5. The team returned to the future after Ransik was eventually captured6.

Wild Force

In the year 3001, Nadira was working with children, thanks to a deal Lucas had reportedly brokered with "the board"7. After the defeat of the Mut-Orgs in 2002, Lucas and Nadira set out for a walk (or some other outing away from the others' festivities)8.


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