Machine Empire

mechanical villains whose forces battled the Zeo Rangers

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Main Characters

The royal family of the Machine Empire was known as the Royal House of Gadgetry1.

King Mondo
Giant King Mondo
with Damocles Sword
Queen Machina
Prince Sprocket
Klank and Orbus
Louie Kaboom
Archerina and Gasket
Mondo and Machina
king and queen of the Machine Empire
Damocles Sword
powerful sword Mondo wielded2
younger prince
Klank and Orbus
assistants, responsible for enlarging monsters
Louie Kaboom
infiltrator sent by Rita and Zedd
elder prince, disowned for marrying Archerina
daughter of a rival kingdom, wielded bow and arrows


Gear ships
Flying mode
Hovering mode
robotic foot soldiers
Gear ships
unnamed saucer-like warships
aerial attack vehicles piloted by Cogs


Most monsters listed below were robotic creations of the Machine Empire. Unless otherwise noted, they were enlarged (when applicable) by Orbus. No monster names appeared in end credits, but names marked with an asterisk appeared in the toy line. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Notes
Staroid* The Shooting Star only appeared in giant size
Silo* Target Rangers created from scrap combined with Rocky's partner's game programming
Boohoo the Clown For Cryin' Out Loud
People Pitcher Rangers in the Outfield created from pitching machine
Digster* Every Dog Has His Day
Puppetman The Puppet Blaster entertainment robot turned evil; rebuilt by Alpha after its giant-sized destruction
Video Vulture Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers flying video camera; beamed the Rangers into a movie dimension; wasn't battled or enlarged
movie monsters Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers assorted monsters in movie dimension (Leaky Faucet, white monster, Pumpkin Sorcerer, traffic signal monster); Pumpkin Sorcerer name from VCD summary, confirmed in auction); all apparently fused into Bucket of Bolts
Bucket of Bolts Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers apparently fused form of four movie monsters; name from VCD summary; fell to its doom in train form
[Hydro Contaminator] Graduation Blues wasn't enlarged following destruction by Zeo Blaster
Adrian & Pollenator A Few Bad Seeds plant monsters created from Rocky's hybrid plants; Adrian wasn't seen again after both were scolded by Mondo; Pollenator destroyed by advanced Zeo Laser Pistols, wasn't enlarged
Fortissimodo Instrument of Destruction created from piano
Mean Screen Mean Screen "backup copy" was enlarged after original's defeat by Defender Wheel
Mechanizer* Mr. Billy's Wild Ride destroyed in building explosion (?); wasn't enlarged
Robocupid There's No Business Like Snow Business, part 1 made people fall in love with machines
Defoliator There's No Business Like Snow Business, parts 2 & 3 wasn't enlarged following destruction by Zeo Blaster
Main Drain Inner Spirit drained energy; destroyed in giant size by Red Battlezord blasts
Punch-a-bunch* Challenges
Mace Face* Found and Lost; Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead? only appeared in giant size
Autochthon Brother, Can You Spare an Arrowhead? ancient evil spirit; was nonetheless enlarged by Orbus
Defector Trust in Me betrayed Rocky's sympathy; destroyed by Rocky in Defender Wheel, wasn't enlarged
Drill Master* It Came From Angel Grove battle only in Adam's dream?; destroyed by Zeo V Power Sword, wasn't enlarged
Googleheimer Bulk Fiction name from TV Guide summary
Wrecking Ball Song Sung Yellow only appeared in giant size
Admiral Abominator Game of Honor
Wolfbane The Power of Gold first monster destroyed by Gold Ranger's "gold rush"; destroyed in giant size by Pyramidas blast
Tarantabot A Small Problem first monster destroyed (in giant size) by Zeo Ultrazord
Leaky Faucet Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise
Somnibot Rock-a-Bye Power Rangers could put people to sleep
[Borax] Do I Know You? see Varox
neo-plutonium monsters A Golden Homecoming assorted monsters treated with neo-plutonium armor (Silo, Mechanizer, "Hose Head", Drill Master); "Hose Head" may have been just Rocky's namecalling; only appeared in giant size, destroyed by assorted Super Zeo Zord attacks
[King Mondo] Mondo's Last Stand grew while wielding the Damocles Sword; first enemy destroyed by Super Zeo Megazord
Tough Tusks Bomber in the Summer created from Emily's necklace by Louie Kaboom
Stenchy Scent of a Weasel made people smell bad; first monster destroyed (in giant size) by Warrior Wheel (thrown by Super Zeo Megazord)
Midas monster The Ranger Who Came in from the Gold was initially a gold dog figurine which could turn things to gold; then enlarged into a giant dog figurine; Pyramidas blast revealed it to be monster
Cruel Chrome Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5? created (by Gasket?) from personal watercraft
arena monsters King for a Day, parts 1 & 2 assorted monsters (robotic and otherwise) in Gasket's arena; none enlarged
Altor King for a Day, part 1 destroyed by his own staff (wielded by Jason), wasn't enlarged
Protectron A Brief Mystery of Time
Nuclifier A Mystery to Me destroyed in giant size by Auric's sword
Mechaterpillar Another Song and Dance destroyed in giant size by Pyramidas blast
Cog Changer Rangers of Two Worlds, parts 1 & 2 could control Zeo technology3; in giant size, fused with Impursonator; was then destroyed in this form by Warrior Wheel (thrown by Super Zeo Megazord after being passed around)4
[Gasket] & [Archerina] Hawaii Zeo both survived their giant defeat by Zeo Ultrazord
[King Mondo] (again) Good as Gold grew with Cogs through unknown means; defeated by giant Zeo Rangers


General Venjix and four additional warriors later sought to avenge Mondo's destruction.5

Automus, Gerrok, Venjix, Steelon, Tezzla
Name Main Color Name Note Defeat
General Venjix black name said in dialog, spelling from end credits last seen piloting Serpentera when it exploded
Automus orange name from script; many fansites list the name as "Automon" (source unknown) exploded after strikes from Quasar Saber and Turbo Lightning Sword
Gerrok green name said in dialog, spelling from end credits exploded after Zeo flying power kick
Steelon light blue name said in dialog, spelling from script fell to Space and Lightspeed lasers (no explosion seen)
Tezzla off-white name from end credits fell to Quantum Defender lasers (no explosion seen)


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