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Maya and Shondra
Maya's home planet (see Mirinoi)
elder in Maya's village (see Jera)
Maya's childhood friend from Mirinoi1


Beyond a general affinity with animals2, Maya was able to understand the Galactabeasts3, noting that Galactabeasts spoke "feelings, not words" (this was an ability Leo was able to learn in time)4. Before the Rangers had even met the Galactabeasts, Maya was able to sense the Wolf's howls of distress from across space5. She also had a dream which accurately predicted the return of the Lights of Orion6, and a dream vision of Kendrix revealed the location of the lost Quasar Saber following Kendrix's apparent death7.


Lost Galaxy

While fleeing from Furio's attack on Mirinoi, Maya stumbled through a portal which took her to the Earth's moon, where she enlisted the help of officers from Terra Venture; Maya and her new allies then pulled the Quasar Sabers and became Galaxy Rangers, though they were too late to prevent Furio from turning the planet and its people to stone8. Maya soon led the Rangers to the imprisoned Galactabeasts, who allied with the Rangers9. Following Kendrix's apparent death10, Maya had a dream vision of Kendrix, who revealed the location of her lost Quasar Saber11. Maya was later startled to learn that the planet to which Terra Venture's populace evacuated was in fact Mirinoi, and the Quasar Sabers subsequently restored the planet (Kendrix also reappeared, much to Maya's delight)12.

Lightspeed Rescue

On Mirinoi, Maya and her teammates (Kendrix included) reclaimed the Quasar Sabers to help the Lightspeed Rangers battle Trakeena on Earth; the team then returned to Mirinoi13.


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