villain whose forces battled the Dino Rangers

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Associated Elements

Anton Mercer
Anton Mercer
Mesogog's unwilling human alter ego
Mesogog's island fortress
invention which created monsters
invention which triggered rainfall to revive and enlarge destroyed monsters
Mesogog's foot soldiers


Elsa was a warrior who assisted Mesogog; she also doubled as Principal Randall at Reefside High.

Principal Randall
Early Dino Thunder
Late Dino Thunder
Elsa (?)
Elsa (?)
at prom


Zeltrax was a robotic warrior eventually revealed to have been Tommy's archaeology rival.

Aerial Assault Vehicle
Aerial Assault Vehicle
Terra Assault Vehicle
Powered up
Old photo
Zeltrax's human identity before he nearly died in an explosion
foot soldiers who escaped from Ethan's video game1; used by Zeltrax
Assault Vehicles
large vehicles piloted by Zeltrax at various times2
Zord piloted by Zeltrax in the finale3

Monster List

Most monsters listed below were "mutations" which the geno-randomizer created. Unless otherwise noted, normal-sized monsters exploded into chunks when they were destroyed; the hydro-regenerator then generally reassembled them in giant form. Names marked with an asterisk were listed in end credits. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Notes
[aerial assault vehicle] Day of the Dino, part 2 only appeared in giant size
bird monster Wave Goodbye some fansites use the name "Tropatucantron" (unknown origin)
Pollinator* Back in Black
Donkeyvac* Diva in Distress
De-magnetron* Game On
Dysotron* Golden Boy only seen in giant size
Golden Rod* Golden Boy
Scorpex* Beneath the Surface
Megalador* Ocean Alert
creature White Thunder, part 1 credited as "creature"; wasn't enlarged
[White Ranger] White Thunder, parts 1–3
Angor* White Thunder, parts 2 & 3 created in normal size, only seen giant in the wild
[White Ranger] (again) Truth and Consequences
Rojobot* Leader of the Whack
Insectollite* Burning at Both Ends
Fossilador* The Missing Bone fossil monster created by Tommy and Anton Mercer
Termitetron* Bully for Ethan
Ka-ching* Lost & Found in Translation only appeared in Japanese TV show; wasn't shown being enlarged
Mad Mackerel It's a Mad Mad Mackerel created from "Marty the Mackerel" (human in fish costume) put in geno-randomizer; credited only as "Marty the Mackerel"; results of normal-size defeat (destruction?) not shown, but enlarged by hydro-regenerator; shrank after giant-size defeat and reverted to Marty
Copyotter* Copy That piece salvaged after giant-size destruction (piece was normal-sized); allowed Zeltrax to create [dino-rangers#evil-white | evil White Ranger]
White Terrorsaurus* Triassic Triumph created from evil White Ranger's energy; wasn't enlarged
[Terra assault vehicle], [aerial assault vehicle] A Star is Torn only appeared in giant size
Jupitor* A Ranger Exclusive created in normal size, only seen giant in the wild
[Tutenhawken]* Tutenhawken's Curse fearsome magical pharaoh unwittingly released by Ethan (from an Egyptian wing containing some artifacts over 4,000 years old); enlarged by hydro-regenerator after normal-sized defeat/destruction
Thornox* Disappearing Act
Terrorsaurus II* The Passion of Connor created by evil White Ranger; only called "Terrorsaurus" in dialog, credited as "Terrorsaurus II"; means of growth not seen
Deadwood* The Passion of Connor credited as "Deadwood monster"; created by Zeltrax from tree, enlarged through unknown means
horn-rimmed monster* Isn't It Lava-ly? credited without the dash; created from Dr. Morton (human volcanologist) put in geno-randomizer; results of normal-size defeat (destruction?) not shown, but enlarged by hydro-regenerator; Dr. Morton returned dazed and smoking after giant monster's destruction
[evil White Ranger] Strange Relations wasn't enlarged
Jade Gladiator* Strange Relations created by Mesogog from a plant; created in normal size, only seen giant in the wild; temporarily turned into a giant plant and created other monsters from seeds/spores
Jade Gladiator's monsters Strange Relations assorted monsters (Deadwood, Skortch*) created in giant size by Jade Gladiator
Lothor's generals Thunder Storm, parts 1 & 2 previously appeared in Japanese TV show4 (connection not mentioned in dialog); weren't enlarged
Squidrose* In Your Dreams only existed in Tommy's dream
Croc O'Vile* In Your Dreams only existed in Kira's dream, was in love with Kira; wasn't enlarged
Rumba Monkey* In Your Dreams only existed in Ethan's dream
Rude Elf* In Your Dreams only existed in Conner's dream
Fridgia* Drawn into Danger debuted in comic book world drawn by Carson Brady using Elsa's pen, apparently followed the Rangers out; wasn't enlarged
Ruby Dragon* House of Cards created using Ethan's game card in geno-randomizer;
ugly monster* A Test of Trust changed sizes (normal and giant) several times
[Replicant Zord] A Test of Trust duplicate of Thundersaurus Megazord created by ugly monster
[ZelZord] Thunder Struck, part 2 only appeared in giant size
[Mesogog] Thunder Struck, part 2 mutated form, wasn't enlarged; credited as "Mesomonster"


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