Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Ranger team who battled Rita and Zedd's forces

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Seasons MMPR season 1 (1993–94)
MMPR season 2 (1994–95)
MMPR season 3 (1995)
Visual Theme dinosaurs (or prehistoric creatures)
Number of Rangers 5 (+1: Green or White)

Team Equipment

Blade Blaster
Blade mode
Power Blaster
Shark Cycles
(not shown: Pink)
Power Morphers
Morphers (x5, plus gold version for Green/White) (see Power Morphers)
communication devices (x6, at least) (see Communicators)
Blade Blasters
laser pistols / swords (x5)
Power Blaster
team blaster (x1), assembled from Power Weapons (x5)
Special weapons
unnamed blasters (x5) once used against Super Putties1
Sword of Power
sword (x1) briefly stolen by Robogoat2
Sword of Light
sword (x1) used to transfer powers to Rocky, Adam, and Aisha3
Power Cannon
team cannon (x1)
flying Volkswagen (x1)
Battle Bikes
bikes seen only in the toy line (excluding an unexplained background appearance in "Calamity Kimberly")
Shark Cycles
motorcycles (x6: five plus White)

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Alternate Forms

Wild West Rangers
"Wild West Rangers, part 2"
Ninja Rangers
Metallic Armor
Wild West Rangers
team who assisted time-traveling Kimberly in 18804 (x4: five minus Pink) (see Wild West Rangers)
Ninja Rangers
alternate form (x6: five plus White) granted by Ninjor, used to battle low-level threats5
Metallic Armor
shiny suits with extra strength6 (x6: five plus White)


Red Ranger

Red Ranger
Red Ranger
with Power Sword
Known Users Jason7, Rocky8, Rocko9, Troy10
Power Weapon Power Sword
Dinozord Tyrannosaurus
Thunderzord Red Dragon
Ninjazord Ape
Shogunzord Red Shogunzord

Black Ranger

Black Ranger
Black Ranger
with Power Axe
Known Users Zack11, Adam12, Abraham13, Jake14
Power Weapon Power Axe (axe / cannon)
Dinozord Mastodon
Thunderzord Lion
Ninjazord Frog
Shogunzord Black Shogunzord

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger
Blue Ranger
with Power Lance
Known Users Billy15, William16, Noah17
Power Weapon Power Lance
Dinozord Triceratops
Thunderzord Unicorn
Ninjazord Wolf
Shogunzord Blue Shogunzord

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger
Yellow Ranger
with Power
Known Users Trini18, Aisha19, Miss Alicia20, Gia21
Power Weapon Power Daggers
Dinozord Sabertooth Tiger
Thunderzord Griffin
Ninjazord Bear
Shogunzord Yellow Shogunzord

Pink Ranger

Pink Ranger
Pink Ranger
with Power Bow
and arrow
Known Users Kimberly22, Katherine23, Emma24
Power Weapon Power Bow
Dinozord Pterodactyl
Thunderzord Firebird
Ninjazord Crane
Shogunzord White Shogunzord (shared with White Ranger)

Green Ranger

Green Ranger
Green Ranger
with Dragon Dagger
Green Ranger
"Fighting Spirit"
Known Users Tommy25, Tommy's clone26, Orion27
Zord Dragonzord
Dragon Dagger
Green's dagger; played like a flute to control the Dragonzord
Dragon Shield
Green's shield; transferrable to other Rangers28

White Ranger

White Ranger
White Ranger
with Saba
Known Users Tommy29, Orion30
Thunderzord White Tigerzord
Ninjazord Falconzord
Shogunzord White Shogunzord (shared with Pink Ranger)
White's (sometimes) talking sword; used to control the Tigerzord


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Dino Thunder

Hayley noted most Rangers didn't have their powers anymore31 (presumably including the Mighty Morphin Rangers?). When the Dino teens later confronted Tommy with knowledge that he was a Power Ranger, he corrected, "not anymore" (he then became the Black Dino Ranger)32.

Super Megaforce

The Super Mega Rangers used the Mighty Morphin powers in the following ways:

  • Five Mighty Morphin Ranger Keys allowed the main Super Mega Rangers to morph into Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (during which Yellow sported a skirt matching Pink's)33; Orion used a sixth key to morph into the Green Ranger and a seventh to morph into White34.
  • Orion used the Green Ranger key to transform his Q-Rex into Dino mode35.
  • The Green and White powers (via the Green and White keys) were both apparently among sixth-Ranger powers used in Orion's Gold Mode (both appeared in Orion's vision of sixth Rangers)36.

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers themselves (five plus Green) later joined in the Legendary Battle37; Green removed his helmet, revealing himself as Tommy. (White was also briefly visible in sentai footage, but see discussion at Legendary Battle.) Prior to this, unmorphed Tommy was seen holding Saba while rescuing a civilian38.


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