planet home to Maya; resting place of the Quasar Sabers

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Associated Characters/Elements

Lost Galaxy (Maya in back)
Lost Galaxy
Maya and Shondra
local people who lived on Mirinoi (spelling uncertain)
Quasar Sabers
mystical swords used by Galaxy Rangers (see Quasar Sabers)
resident who traveled to Terra Venture and became the Yellow Ranger (see Maya)
elder in Maya's village
Maya's childhood friend (see Shondra)
Terra Venture
space colony by which Earthlings came to Mirinoi


Lost Galaxy

As Furio attacked Mirinoi seeking the Quasar Sabers, Maya stumbled through a portal of unknown origin and landed on the Earth's moon, where she recruited Terra Venture officers to help her planet1 (Kai and Damon followed in the Megaship via another portal in space2). Together, the group pulled the Quasar Sabers (and Mike fell into a crevice3 where the Magna Defender had lain for 3,000 years4); Furio then turned the planet and its inhabitants to stone as the new Galaxy Rangers escaped5. Later, after a detour in the Lost Galaxy, Terra Venture became crippled near Mirinoi (which was mostly green again) and crash-landed on its moon6; the colonists evacuated to the planet below7, where the Rangers returned the Quasar Sabers8. At this point, Maya's village was restored (and Kendrix, who had apparently died earlier, reappeared at this point, noting, "I knew you'd make it here")9.

Lightspeed Rescue

Leo later reclaimed his Quasar Saber from the stone to battle Triskull and his ghouls in a city on Mirinoi; when Triskull traveled to Earth (through a warp tunnel of some sort), Leo (and soon his teammates, who reclaimed their sabers as well) followed and helped the Lightspeed Rangers10. After Trakeena's defeat, the Galaxy Rangers left Earth, saying they were needed on Mirinoi11.

Wild Force

Leo once again reclaimed his Quasar Saber from the stone and joined in Tommy's Red Ranger mission on the Earth's moon12. (At this point, Bulk — earlier one of Terra Venture's colonists who evacuated to Mirinoi — was now back on Earth without explanation13.)

Operation Overdrive

Alpha 6, previously seen on Mirinoi, was now back on Earth as well14.


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