Ninja Storm Rangers

Ranger team who battled Lothor's forces

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Season Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)
Visual Theme ninjas (and later samurai)
Number of Rangers 3 (+2: Thunder) (+1: Green Samurai)

Team Equipment

Wind Morphers
with Power Discs
Thunder Morpher
Ninja Sword
Thunder Rangers
with Thunder Staffs
Tsunami Cycles
Storm Striker
Hawk Blaster in front
Thunder Blaster
Thunderstorm Cannon
Wind Morphers
communicators / Morphers (x3: Wind Rangers)1
Thunder Morphers
communicators / Morphers (x2: Thunder Rangers)2
Power Discs
small discs used in Morphers (x6), associated with Rangers' powers3; others used to activate Power Spheres
Ninja Swords
swords / laser rifles (x3: Wind Rangers)4; swords later gained powered-up gold forms5
Thunder Staffs
reconfigurable staff weapons (x2: Thunder Rangers)6
Ninja Gliders
hang gliders (x3: Wind Rangers)7
Tsunami Cycles
motorcycles (x5: Wind and Thunder Rangers)8
Mobile Command Center
semi truck, deployed Tsunami Cycles9
Storm Striker
team blaster (x1), assembled from Wind Rangers' weapons (x3) in any order10
Thunder Blaster
team blaster (x1), assembled from Thunder Rangers' weapons (x2)11
Thunderstorm Cannon
team cannon (Storm Striker + Thunder Blaster)12

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Wind Rangers

The Wind Rangers were associated with the Wind Ninja Academy.

Wind Rangers

Red Wind Ranger

Red Wind Ranger
Hawk Blaster
Red Battlized Ranger
Known Users Shane13, Troy14
Element Air15
Special Weapon Hawk Blaster16
Ninjazord Hawk
Red Battlized Ranger
Red's armored form (via Battlizer)17

Yellow Wind Ranger

Yellow Wind Ranger
Lion Hammer
Known Users Dustin18, Gia19
Element Earth20
Special Weapon Lion Hammer21
Ninjazord Lion

Blue Wind Ranger

Blue Wind Ranger
Sonic Fin
Known Users Tori22, Noah23
Element Water24
Special Weapon Sonic Fin25
Ninjazord Dolphin

Thunder Rangers

The Thunder Rangers were associated with the Thunder Ninja Academy.

Thunder Rangers

Crimson Thunder Ranger

Crimson Thunder Ranger
Crimson Blaster
Ninja Glider Cycle
Known Users Hunter26, Jake27
Special Weapon Crimson Blaster28
Thunderzord Crimson Insectazord (resembled a rhinoceros beetle)
Ninja Glider Cycle
Crimson's motorcycle / hang glider29

Navy Thunder Ranger

Navy Thunder Ranger
Navy Antler
Navy Antler
on Thunder Staff
Known Users Blake30, Emma31
Special Weapon Navy Antler32
Thunderzord Navy Beetlezord (resembled a stag beetle)
Thunder Blade
blade mastered by Blake (see Thunder Blade)


Green Samurai Ranger

Green Samurai Ranger
Samurai Amulet
Samurai Amulet
Cyclone Morpher form
Green Samurai Ranger
Super Samurai Mode
Lightning Riff Blaster
Dragonforce Vehicle
Known Users Cam33
Zord Samurai Star Megazord
Samurai Amulet
Green's power source34, formerly owned by Miko35
Cyclone Morpher
Green's Morpher, alternate form of Samurai Amulet (called "Cyclone Morpher"36, "amulet"37, and "Samurai Amulet"38)
Samurai Saber
Green's sword39
Super Samurai Mode
Green's stronger (sleeker) mode40
Dragonforce Vehicle
flying craft (x1)41, powered by fragments from Gem of Souls42


Ninja Storm

When the Wind Ninja Academy was attacked, Sensei had Cam give the secret Wind Morphers to Shane, Dustin, and Tori43. Around this time, Lothor also dispatched the Thunder Rangers44 (who had received their Thunder Morphers from Sensei Omino45). Cam later traveled into the past and retrieved the Samurai Amulet, becoming the Green Samurai Ranger46. After stealing the Samurai Amulet, Lothor drained at least some of its powers (for his Zord or some other purpose?) and then used it to steal the Wind and Thunder powers as well; he was then sealed in the Abyss of Evil, taking the Rangers' powers with him47.

Dino Thunder

Hayley noted most Rangers didn't have their powers anymore48 (presumably including the Ninja Storm Rangers?). Lothor later put the Wind teens under a spell by tricking them into using (replacement?) Wind Morphers (with which they were able to morph)49. Cam and Thunders retrieved the Samurai Amulet from the abyss, after which they were able to morph, and they also produced discs (described as "the right ninja discs") which broke the Wind Rangers' spell when they tried to use them in their Morphers50. Following a teamup battle, Hayley noted the Samurai Amulet was "dead," explaining Lothor's "extraction of the powers" had left "just enough energy for one last battle"51.

Super Megaforce

The Super Mega Rangers used the Ninja Storm powers in the following ways:

  • Five Ninja Storm Ranger Keys allowed the main Super Mega Rangers to morph into the Wind and Thunder Rangers52.
  • The Green Samurai Ranger's powers (via a Green Samurai key) were apparently among sixth-Ranger powers used in Orion's Gold Mode53.
  • The Super Mega Rangers used the five main Ninja Storm keys to activate the Ninjazord54.

The six Ninja Storm Rangers themselves later joined in the Legendary Battle55 (only the Wind Rangers were seen outside of sentai footage).


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