evil entities whose attacks were repelled by the Wild Force Rangers

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Master Org
Master Org
leader of the Orgs (see Master Org)
cavern which served as the Orgs' headquarters
Org foot soldiers
Org Heart
object summoned by Master Org (see Org Heart)

Org Generals

The following Orgs served as generals (second in rank only to Master Org):

red Org with an eye theme
green Org with a nose theme
blue Org with a mouth theme
Nexus Blade
large blade formed from three generals' weapons

Duke Orgs

The following Orgs served as lesser leaders (below Org generals):

wolf-like entity (see Zen-Aku)
Artilla and Helicos
Duke Orgs summoned by Mandilok (see monster list)
ninja-like Org used by Master Org to deceive Mandilok

Jindrax and Toxica

Jindrax and Toxica were assistants of Master Org who grew skeptical of his identity.

Toxica and Jindrax
Jindrax and Toxica
Human guises
Jindrax and Toxica
Monster forms
(Toxica in disguise)
bumbling master of blades
staff-wielder, able to resurrect and enlarge defeated Orgs
Toxica's alternate form while using Nayzor's crown
Jindrax's brother

Org Monsters

Most monsters listed below were Orgs of relatively low rank. Unless otherwise noted, normal-sized monsters were reduced to a puddle of frothy green slime upon destruction, but "beans"1 from Toxica's staff then regrew the monsters in giant size. Names marked with an asterisk were listed in end credits. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Notes
Turbine Org* Lionheart had been pursued by the four Rangers for some time2; was enlarged (off-screen) without being destroyed in normal size3
Plug Org Lionheart credited as "Plugma Org" but called "Plug Org" in dialog; wasn't enlarged following destruction by Jungle Sword
Barbed Wire Org* Darkness Awakening
Camera Org* Click, Click, Zoom
Bell Org* Never Give Up!
Tire Org* Ancient Awakening
Ship Org* Wishes on the Water
Cell Phone Org* The Bear Necessities
Bulldozer Org* Soul Searching
Freezer Org* Soul Bird Salvation froze himself (and broke apart) in giant size to freeze the Megazord
[Retinax] Soul Bird Salvation grew (or broke apart and re-formed in giant size) apparently under his own power after falling to the Lion Blaster
Vacuum Cleaner Org* Curse of the Wolf
[Zen-Aku]* Curse of the WolfThe Ancient Warrior wasn't destroyed or enlarged
Bus Org* Predazord, Awaken
Motorcycle Org* Revenge of Zen-Aku previously imprisoned for a time by Princess Shayla; wasn't enlarged upon destruction by Jungle Sword
Lawnmower Org* Identity Crisis wasn't enlarged upon destruction by Zen-Aku
Quadra Org* The Lone Wolf created by Master Org from four Animal Crystals (Elephant, Giraffe, and Bear Brothers)
[Nayzor]* The Lone Wolf wasn't enlarged upon destruction by Merrick; crown recovered by Toxica
[Necronomica]* Power Play powered-up form of Toxica; she and Nayzor's crown flew out of the explosion after Necronomica's destruction/defeat by Jungle Sword
Karaoke Org* Power Play
Signal Org* Secrets and Lies
Bowling Org* The Tornado Spin
Wedding Dress Org* Three's a Crowd
Samurai Org Org* A Father's Footsteps
Tombstone Org* Sing Song created from Dr. Adler's tombstone imbued with "evil spirits of [six] past Orgs"
[Super Nayzor]* Sing Song resurrected by Toxica from crown and site of Nayzor's demise
[Mut-Orgs] Reinforcements from the Future, parts 1 & 2
Master Org The Master's Last Stand powers negated by Cole, wasn't enlarged
Zen-Aku (again) Unfinished Business apparently grew under his own power after defeat by Merrick
Helicos* Homecoming
Artilla* Homecoming
Flute Org* The Flute
Juggelo* Team Carnival Jindrax's brother
[Jindrax]* Team Carnival grew after swallowing beans from Toxica's staff; after giant Juggelo's destruction, Jindrax's belch returned him to normal size
Lion Tamer Org* Taming of the Zords grew without being destroyed (force-fed beans by Jindrax and Toxica)
Monitor Org* Monitoring Earth
Toy Org The Soul of Humanity
[General Venjix], et al. Forever Red
[Onikage]* The Master's Herald, parts 1 & 2 appeared in giant size in the spirit world (wasn't defeated in normal size)
spirit world Orgs The Master's Herald, part 2 assorted monsters in the spirit world (Tombstone Org, Tire Org, Bell Org, Ship Org, Flute Org, Clock Org?), were already giant
Locomotive Org* Fishing for a Friend
Retinax, Nayzor, Mandilok (again) Sealing the Nexus resurrected by Master Org to guard the Nexus; didn't grow upon destruction by Jungle Blaster
Master Org (again) The End of the Power Rangers, parts 1 & 2 apparently grew under his own power4


Three Org/mutant hybrids traveled back in time from the year 30015:

Takach, Rofang, Kired
Name Description Name Note
Rofang monster with red horns and a sword named in end credits and backwards dialog
Takach bulky monster with a cape named in end credits only
Kired monster with wings and long claws named in backwards dialog only (spelling per story editor Amit Bhaumik)


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What did the Mut-Orgs say in their backwards-talk? (Were we supposed to identify it as backwards-talk?)

The nature of their language wasn't described in-show, but listening to their speech in reverse playback did produce meaningful dialog (listen here):6

  • When the trio was approached by Jindrax and Toxica, Rofang asked (backwards), "And who are you supposed to be?" (Jindrax and Toxica didn't understand).
  • When Eric told Wes he thought all mutants had been captured and sent back to the future (to which Wes agreed), Rofang replied (backwards), "I guess you two were mistaken."
  • While Kired was on a rooftop higher than the others, Rofang said (backwards), "Kired, you can come down. Master Org is well-hidden."
  • Before Jen's translator activated, Kired was saying (backwards), "—nd him soon. We will resume tomorrow." Jen's translator then continued (translated), "He will help to pollute Earth, create more Orgs," and Rofang added (translated), "We will rule future!"
  • When the Orgs heard a noise, Rofang noted (backwards), "There is something hiding behind those boxes," and Takach replied (backwards), "I'll check."
  • After Takach had found nothing, Rofang told the others (backwards), "I want you two to be more careful. We cannot afford any mistakes," and (backwards), "Come on"; Takach replied (backwards), "Yes, Rofang."
  • When the Rangers confronted the trio in the desert, Rofang chuckled and asked (backwards), "So you decided to come back for more, huh?"
  • When Wes, Eric, and Cole readed their blasters, Rofang scoffed (backwards), "Come on, Red Rangers, try me!"
  • Preparing to strike Wes on the ground with his sword, Rofang said (backwards), "You should've stayed in your own time, Ranger." (Was he confused about Wes? Did he think he was Alex? Is it moot because we weren't supposed to understand any of this dialog anyway?)
  • As Jen helped Wes escape, Rofang ordered (backwards), "Get them!"
  • To combine the group's power, Rofang said (backwards), "We must all three combine our energies," and he then said (backwards), "Combine!"
  • After the Rangers had escaped, Rofang spat (backwards), "They got away from us!" and remarked (backwards), "Now that she has found us again, we must destroy her!"
  • As the trio entered the Nexus, Rofang noted (backwards), "The locator detects Master Org. He's very near."
  • When the trio spotted Master Org, Rofang exclaimed (backwards), "Master Org!" and then (backwards), "We have finally found you!" (At this point, Master Org replied, "My faithful Orgs — welcome to the Nexus.")
  • As the trio bowed to Master Org, Rofang said (forwards), "We serve true master."

The second episode contained a bit more dialog (spoken forwards unless otherwise noted):7

  • In flashback, one or more statues spoke to Ransik (in forwards-English, as it sounded to the audience) regarding their wish for revenge against humans before their transformation into Mut-Orgs.
  • In response to Master Org's plan to pollute, Rofang agreed (forwards), "Yes. Future belong to Orgs."
  • Before the trio combined their powers a second time, Rofang directed (backwards), "Combine powers!"
  • After their mutant powers had been negated by Ransik, they were (coincidentally?) only heard speaking forwards, with phrases including, "mutant power gone," "retreat," "must get away," "who there?", "Putrids," "ready," "attack," and "what?!"

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