Power Rangers

teams of transforming heroes who fight evil

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Main Teams

Additional Teams

Associated Characters/Elements

Sixth Rangers
term used for additional Rangers (and Ranger-like allies?) who generally joined their respective teams later than the others1
giant fighting machines (see Zords)
Legendary Rangers
term used for Ranger teams with preceded the Mega Rangers (including, anachronistically, SPD)
Ranger Keys
figurines/keys used by the Super Mega Rangers to access Legendary Rangers' powers (see Ranger Keys)
Legendary Battle
a large battle which featured many Legendary Rangers (see Legendary Battle)

Morphing Grid

The Morphing Grid was a relatively undefined aspect of the Power Rangers universe, but it appeared that many (or all?) Rangers' powers had some sort of connection to it. It may or may not have been related to the bio-field which powered the RPM Rangers.

Morphing Grid stone
SPD preview
Morphing Grid damage
"Once a Ranger"
Damaged region
inside Morphing Grid
Alpha 6
inside Morphing Grid


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