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Despite humanity's engineered "genetic perfection" circa the year 3000, mutants arose (Ransik's story showed a jar of proto-baby goo spilling through a floor grate, a humanoid hand then emerging from the resulting brew below)1. Purportedly shunned by all who saw him, Ransik gathered "every other wretched creature" into an army of criminals (see Mutant Criminals) to terrorize the city2. Nadira later wondered why "humans and mutants hate[d] each other so much" (Frax noted humans had rejected Ransik and taught him to hate)3, but see discussion below regarding possible positive treatment of mutants as well.


In the years before starting his gang, Ransik discovered apparent temple ruins outside "the utopia made possible by Time Force"4. Here, sharing the Orgs' enmity toward humanity, Ransik freed three spirits who then "copied [his] mutant DNA" and became Mut-Orgs; in return, they "made [his] entire body a weapon," giving him the ability to generate a sword (and other blades?) from his body5. At some point afterward, Ransik reportedly donned his mask6 (as apparently depicted in an earlier flashback7).


Nadira was Ransik's spoiled daughter8, whom he spoke of loving "more than life itself"9; her fingernails could grow into long blades10. She briefly dated Lucas (thinking he'd written her a love poem) but dumped him when he acted like a penniless slob11. She eventually questioned her father's hatred of humanity after delivering a baby, playing with children, and speaking with Frax about hatred12. After Ransik's surrender, she worked with children (apparently an arrangement Lucas had brokered with "the board")13; during festivities after the Mut-Orgs' defeat, Nadira happily left with Lucas14.

Full gear
No headgear


Robotic assistant to Ransik15, Frax was originally Dr. Fericks, a human who (apparently prior to Ransik's mask-donning) treated Ransik with serum after he'd been bitten by Venomark, but Ransik stole the serum supply and destroyed Fericks' lab16. Dying, Fericks secretly rebuilt himself as Frax17; later working for Ransik18, Frax sought to prove robots' worth19 by unleashing Tronicon20, as well as several mutants from the X-Vault21. After unleashing Venomark and destroying Ransik's serum supply22, Frax set up shop in a secret lab23 and sought to "crush the city"24 with several robots25. He was eventually captured by Ransik and — after urging Nadira to break the cycle of hatred — was turned into a mindless slave26; he then piloted Doomtron to his doom27.

Dr. Fericks
Dr. Louis Fericks
Frax's human identity before becoming a robot28
robot foot soldiers used by Ransik and Frax29, originally created by Dr. Fericks30


In addition to Cyclobots, Frax built several additional robots (which might be described as "giant robots," though most were first seen in normal size before growing):

Max Ax
robot defeated by the Time Shadow; debuted in normal size, grew before battle31
robot against whom Alex tried to help the Rangers32; only seen being prepared (and battled) in giant size33
Max Ax
robot unleashed by Frax after all mutant criminals had been captured; debuted in normal size, grew during battle34
final robot constructed by Frax; nearly destroyed Silver Hills with time holes35; prepared in normal size36 and then giant size37

Trizirium Crystals

Trizirium crystals were a futuristic power source produced by Frax a century before their original discovery38; Zirium powder (considered a waste product in 2001) could be transformed into a spiky yellow crystal39, and yellow crystals could be transformed (in what resembled a mini-oven) into oblong blue crystals40 (which Bio-Lab labeled as "laser-induced" crystals41). Bio-Lab eventually discovered a means of producing Trizirium crystals, though production was reportedly canceled at the Rangers' request42 (but see discussion at Mr. Collins).

Zirium powder
Trizirium crystal
Trizirium crystal

Trizirium Crystals were used as follows:

  • Apparently to activate Tronicon, Frax transformed a yellow crystal into a blue one (at which point it was "complete") and then inserted it into the robot43.
  • Dragontron had an "energy core" which constituted its weak spot44, but no Trizirium crystals appeared to be involved in its creation or operation (setting aside arguably out-of-place footage briefly seen reflected in Alex's glasses45).
  • To "supercharge" Max Ax, Frax transformed a yellow crystal (from a supply of at least eight) into a blue one46 and then inserted it into the robot47.
  • Saying the "crystals" (plural) would provide plenty of power to Doomtron, Frax was seen beginning to transform one of three yellow crystals (while another blue one was already on-hand) before Ransik captured him48. After being modified in some way (and rendered a mindless slave), Frax connected himself to Doomtron's cockpit, with a yellow crystal apparently inside his own torso (its specific location not mentioned in dialog)49. Time holes began appearing in the sky as Doomtron fired on the city50.
  • As the Q-Rex fought Doomtron, Circuit noted both robots were powered by Trizirium crystals (both apparently yellow), and that the Q-Rex's participation in the battle was exacerbating the time hole crisis51. After Trip had modified the Quantum Defender to enable it to "neutralize" the crystal, the weapon's sustained beam eventually transformed the Q-Rex's yellow crystal into a blue one, and the Q-Rex then destroyed Doomtron, closing the time holes52.

Other Characters/Elements

Time device
Serum supply
Growth patch
Before removal
Ransik's base of operations in 2001 (see Time Force prison)
Time device
device used by Ransik and Frax to warp the prison back in time (see Time device)
portly mutant thief; Nadira (unintentionally) saved him from chrono-freezing during Ransik's takeover53; subsequently hung around as Nadira's admirer54 until timidly chrono-freezing himself during Ransik's final assault55
special serum Ransik needed to drink regularly56 due to Venomark's bite57; later synthesized by Bio-Lab58
Growth patch
unnamed patch seen on most mutants59 (and Frax's robots, oddly!); when broken or removed, "mutant DNA" was exposed60, causing the patch-bearer to grow to giant size61

Mutant Criminals

Mutant criminals listed below were reanimated from a chrono-frozen state and used in a monster-like capacity (generally by Ransik). All grew using unnamed patches, which most mutants removed by their own hand. Names marked with an asterisk were listed in end credits. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by non-mutants.

Mutant Featured Episode Notes
Jetara* Something to Fight For Wes inadvertently (?) slashed his growth patch in battle, making him grow
Fearog* Ransik Lives
Mantamobile* A Blue Streak
punk mutant A Parting of Ways unnamed; was seen being chrono-frozen before Ransik took over the prison62
Tentaclaw* A Parting of Ways head could detach from body; head was later chrono-frozen and body apparently destroyed
long-eared mutant Short-Circuited unnamed
Medicon* Short-Circuited
sentry-like foe The Legend of the Clock Tower mutant? (see discussion)
captured mutants Jen's Revenge seven mutants shown in captivity before Fatfatfish's arrest: long-eared mutant, Tentaclaw (his body, at least?), punk mutant, Medicon, Jetara, Mantamobile, Fearog)
Fatcatfish Jen's Revenge
Izout* The Time Shadow
[Tronicon]* The Time Shadow Frax's robot; appeared in both sizes
Vexicon* Future Unknown X-Vault prisoner
Redeye* Uniquely Trip name listed in end credits, spoken in "Reflections of Evil"
Electropede* Uniquely Trip
Univolt* Worlds Apart X-Vault prisoner; name unmentioned in dialog but listed in end credits
Brickneck* The Quantum Quest captured without growing
Commandocon* Clash for Control, parts 1 & 2 could open time holes, apparently
Klawlox* Bodyguard in Blue
Turtlecon* Trust and Triumph
Notacon* Trip Takes a Stand nonviolent mutant partially controlled by Frax
Conwing* Quantum Secrets had an alternate human-like form
Dash* The Last Race Lucas's former racing rival; had an alternate human-like form
Contemptra Lovestruck Rangers had a human-like form; name pronounced "Contemptra" in dialog but credited as "Contempra"
Artillicon* Full Exposure
Cinecon* Movie Madness, parts 1 & 2 had an alternate human-like form
Steelix* Time Force Traitor Jen's former Time Force partner
Venomark* Frax's Fury X-Vault prisoner; had a poisonous bite which left Ransik dependent on serum (serum which fully healed normal humans)
Severax* Dawn of Destiny
[Dragontron] Fight Against Fate; Destiny Defeated Frax's robot; only appeared in giant size
Mr. Mechanau* Undercover Rangers had an alternate human-like form
[Black Knight]* Beware the Knight
[Quarganon] Time for Lightspeed demon; name spoken in dialog but uncredited
Miracon* Reflections of Evil
mirror world mutants Reflections of Evil assorted mutants the Rangers battled in Miracon's mirror world (Redeye, Ironspike*, Angelcon*); Redeye was credited here as "Redeye Mutant"
Chameliacon* Nadira's Dream Date
Serpicon* Circuit Unsure
[Max Ax] A Calm Before the Storm Frax's robot; appeared in both sizes
[Doomtron] The End of Time, parts 1–3 Frax's robot; appeared in both sizes
[Ransik] The End of Time, part 3 surrendered, didn't grow (if he even could)


Time Force

By the year 3000, Time Force had cleared the streets of "every criminal," the narrator reported; Ransik was attempting to travel back in time (see Time device) when Alex arrested him, but he escaped with Nadira and Frax's help63. At a prison which housed chrono-frozen mutants (his former gang?)64, Ransik struck down Alex and then took the prison back to the year 200165, where he was pursued by Time Force Rangers66. After several mutant defeats67, Ransik punished Frax68 for deploying a robot69. Frax later destroyed Ransik's serum supply70, prompting Ransik to raid Bio-Lab for more71. After exhausting his mutant supply (including the X-Vault), Ransik sent Gluto to find Frax's lab72 (which he did); Ransik then captured and reprogrammed Frax73 (he was destroyed piloting Doomtron74) and destroyed the Rangers' clock tower75. After injuring Nadira while hunting Jen, Ransik surrendered, realizing his hatred had nearly cost him the "one person" he truly loved76.

Wild Force

After the Mut-Orgs had traveled into the past, the Time Force Rangers sought the help of Nadira (who was working with children, something Lucas had apparently arranged) and Ransik (who was in a cell but not chrono-frozen)77. Upon meeting Jen, Ransik expressed regret for his past crimes and explained the Mut-Orgs' origin78. In close quarters, Ransik somehow negated the Mut-Orgs' mutant powers, allowing the Time Force and Wild Force Rangers to finish off the trio; Ransik soon arose with an entirely humanlike appearance (which Nadira described as "a miracle")79. Ransik and Nadira were last seen celebrating with the Rangers in the past80.


Were all mutants treated like criminals, and did they deserve it?

Technically, we don't know of any mutants who didn't commit a crime at some point (but could we say this of most real-life humans as well?). Curiously, Notacon's police file indicated he was a nonviolent mutant (despite looking "scary," he admitted) who'd been arrested (and apparently chrono-frozen) only for stealing vegetables81; most other mutants we saw lacked any known backstory beyond a penchant for crime and willingness to work for Ransik82. Nonetheless, some evidence suggests mutants had at least some opportunity to integrate into society:

  • Nadira (a mutant?) wasn't in custody at the time Ransik was arrested (the narrator had previously reported the streets had been cleared of "every criminal" except Ransik)83.
  • Jen insisted that Ransik had been offered help but had turned it away84.
  • Dr. Fericks saved Ransik's life after Venomark had bitten him; Ransik sneered at the idea of a human helping a mutant, but Fericks replied, "Humans, mutants, robots — it makes no difference to me"85. (Was Fericks atypical, though?)
  • Dash had been Lucas's professional racing rival until causing an accident while street racing; Lucas looked forward to Dash becoming a champion again after he served his time86. If it means anything, Dash was among a few mutants seen transforming into a form visually indistinguishable from a human (see details below), though a flash-forward — perhaps only in Lucas's imagination — showed Dash celebrating a victory in his less humanlike form87.)
  • Steelix had been Jen's first partner in Time Force (he was eventually arrested after being caught selling top-secret information to Ransik)88.

Could all mutants make themselves look like humans? Which was their true form?

Here's all we know:

  • While browsing stores (for items to steal), already humanlike Nadira wore civilian clothes (but retained her pink hair and the dots over her right eyebrow); she then tended to transform into her white-geared form to begin her theft89. She usually wore her white gear while relaxing at Ransik's headquarters, but her hair was always down and headgear off90.
  • After recounting his alleged rejection by society for his appearance, Ransik spoke of having gathered "every other wretched creature"91. Does this indicate most mutants were shunned for appearances they couldn't control (assuming Ransik's story had some degree of truth)?
  • Notacon (not among those shown with a humanlike form) tried to explain that he was nonviolent despite looking "scary"92.
  • Conwing used a humanlike form (as did two Cyclobots) to (surreptitiously?) threaten Eric into leaving his home and coming with them93.
  • Lucas recognized his former rival Dash in his nonhuman form; Dash later transformed into a humanlike form to "check out life in the year 2001" (Nadira then transformed into civilian clothes to join him)94. As a curious side note, humanlike Dash was eating a banana slathered with ketchup when Lucas remarked, "I don't know how you mutants eat that stuff"95 (presumably objecting to the combination?).
  • Contemptra used a humanlike form while courting Lucas, Trip, and Wes; Jen's scanner-glasses showed a vision of her nonhuman form (as if seeing through a disguise?)96.
  • Mr. Mechanau used a humanlike form while secretly running Frax's gym97.

Was Nadira expressly referred to as a mutant? Could she have been human, or even half human?

As she doubted her hatred of humanity, Frax described her as "an evil mutant with a heart as black as coal, just like [her] father" (though he was arguably incorrect about her heart)98. In addition, neither Nadira nor Ransik gave any impression Nadira would have been included in their contempt toward humanity99. (Curiously, however, while Ransik and Nadira remained on the loose after the prison's criminals had otherwise been recaptured, the Rangers listed only Ransik as the last uncaptured mutant100.)

Was the sentry-like enemy in "The Legend of the Clock Tower" actually a mutant?

It wasn't specificlly referred to as a mutant in dialog (though it did at least grunt, unlike Frax's robots). It did grow using a growth patch, but (oddly) so did Frax's robots Tronicon and Max Ax. Perhaps most interestingly, this foe was not shown shrinking (the battle ended with an explosion); though we could suppose shrinking might have occurred off-screen, the only other battles throughout Time Force which were seen ending with explosions but no visible shrinking were as follows:

How many mutant criminals did Ransik bring back to 2001?

No numbers were mentioned in dialog, but a diagram Circuit viewed in "Jen's Revenge" showed a total of 35 (seven of which apparently included those the Rangers had captured before Fatcatfish). We know of the following:

  • 30 mutant criminals featured normally (three of which were known X-Vault criminals; see table above)
  • 2 additional never-before-seen mutants Miracon made the Rangers fight in his mirror world (Ironspike and Angelcon, in addition to Redeye, who was included in the 30 above); were these two held in the prison as well?
  • 3 recurring villains: Ransik, Nadira, Gluto (but would Circuit's diagram have included mutants not in custody when the prison was taken?)
  • 1 possible mutant (sentry-like enemy; see above)

How many X-Vault criminals were there? Why did we only see three in battle?

During the times Frax accessed it, the X-Vault apparently held a minimum of seven canisters108 (but were all occupied?). Only three such mutants were known to be used (Vexicon109, Univolt110, and Venomark111). Some time later, however, Frax found he was out of mutants, with Nadira noting "even the X-Vault [was] empty"112. Did Ransik and Nadira deplete the X-Vault at a point after Frax's departure? (Frax gloated on his two latter uses of the X-Vault that only he had the key to the vault113. When would they have gained access? After Frax's departure from the prison114?)

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