RPM Rangers

Ranger team who protected Corinth from the forces of Venjix

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Season Power Rangers RPM (2009)
Visual Theme animals, racing?
Number of Rangers 3 (+1: Black) (+1: Green) (+2: Gold and Silver)


The RPM Rangers were powered by a "universal bio-electric field" said to connect "the life force of all living things"1. This field was commonly referred to as "the bio-field"2, as well as the "bio-energy field" and "energy bio-field"3.

Bio-field graphic

Team Equipment

Assorted Morphers
Sky Shift, Rev, Cell Shift x3, Rev, Sky Shift
Engine Cell 1
Nitro Sword
Wheel Blaster
Wheel mode
Road Blaster
RPM Enforcer
Project GO-ONGER
Cloud Hatchet
Rail Saber
Cell Shift Morphers
communicators / Morphers (x3: Red/Blue/Yellow), resemble cell phones
Rev Morphers
communicators / Morphers (x2: Green/Black), resemble gear shifters
Sky Shift Morphers
communicators / Morphers (x2: Gold/Silver), resemble joysticks
Engine Cells
small packs used to activate weapons and Zords (similar cells were used in Morphers)
Nitro Blasters/Swords
laser guns / swords (x5)
Wheel Blasters
Rangers' steering wheels / blasters (x5?)
Road Blaster
team blaster (x1), assembled from special weapons (x3: Red/Yellow/Blue)
Turbo Plasma Launcher
team blaster (x1), assembled from special weapons (x2: Green/Black)
RPM Enforcer
team cannon (x1) (Road Blaster + Turbo Plasma Launcher)
Project GO-ONGER
team RV (x1)
Cloud Hatchets
short blades (x2: Gold/Silver)
Sky Shift Blazer
blaster (x2?) (Cloud Hatchet + Nitro Blaster)
Rail Saber
sword (x1); combined with Nitro Blaster to form Rail Blaster

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Ranger Red

Ranger Red
Street Saber
Known Users Scott4, Troy5
Number 1
Special Weapon Street Saber
Special Power "burst attack" (quick dash through enemies for three seconds)6
Initial Zord Eagle Racer (eagle-like race car)

Ranger Blue

Ranger Blue
Turbo Cannon
Known Users Flynn7, Noah8
Number 2
Special Weapon Turbo Cannon
Special Power "time manipulation burst" (could stop time around him for ten seconds)9
Initial Zord Lion Hauler (lion-like truck)

Ranger Yellow

Ranger Yellow
Zip Charger
Known Users Summer10, Gia11
Number 3
Special Weapon Zip Charger (small attack drone)
Special Power energy blast12
Initial Zord Bear Crawler (bear-like monster truck)

Ranger Green

Ranger Green
Turbo Axe
Known Users Ziggy13, Jake14
Number 4
Special Weapon Turbo Axe
Special Power teleportation15
Initial Zord Tail Spinner (shark-like motorcycle)

Ranger Black

Ranger Black
Rocket Blaster
Known Users Dillon16, Emma17
Number 5
Special Weapon Rocket Blaster
Special Power "invincibility shield" (five-second forcefield)18
Initial Zord Wolf Cruiser (wolf-like police car)

Ranger Gold and Ranger Silver

Rangers Silver and Gold
Ranger Gold
Ranger Silver
Gold Silver
Known Users Gem19, Orion (fused with Silver)20 Gemma21, Orion (fused with Gold)22
Initial Zord Falcon Copter (falcon-like helicopter) Tiger Jet (tiger-like jet)
Zord Number 7 8



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Super Megaforce

The Super Mega Rangers used the RPM powers in the following ways:

  • Five RPM Ranger Keys allowed the main Super Mega Rangers to morph into RPM Rangers23; Orion fused keys for Gold and Silver to morph into a combination of the two Rangers24.
  • The Gold and Silver powers (via the Gold and Silver keys) were apparently among sixth-Ranger powers used in Orion's Gold Mode25.
  • The Super Mega Rangers used the five main RPM keys to activate the Turbo Falcon Zord26.

The seven RPM Rangers themselves later joined in the Legendary Battle27 (Gold and Silver were only briefly seen in sentai footage).


Could the Rangers use their individual powers (forcefield, teleportation, etc.) in unmorphed form?

In no (regular) episode were the Rangers seen using these powers while unmorphed (these powers tended to drain the morphed Rangers significantly when used28, if that makes a difference), but in the (seemingly out-of-continuity) special "And... Action!", however, "Ziggy" used his Morpher to teleport while unmorphed.

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