Rita and Zedd's forces

Rita and Zedd's various assistants, artifacts, and territories

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Foot Soldiers

Putty Patrollers
Season 1
Tenga Warrior
Tengu Warriors
MMPR: The Movie
Putty Patrollers
clay-derived foot soldiers (seasons 1 and 2; see Putty Patrollers)
Tenga Warriors
birdlike foot soldiers (season 3); known as Tengu in the movie



Goldar was a warrior who served Rita (and then preferentially Zedd, once Zedd arrived).

Season 1
Season 2
Goldar with wings
Season 2


Finster created monsters and Putty Patrollers from clay.

Finster's workshop
Season 1
machine in Finster's workshop which brought clay sculptures to life

Squatt and Baboo

Squatt and Baboo were bumbling henchmen for Rita (and later Zedd as well).

Squatt and Baboo


Scorpina was a warrior who sometimes fought alongside Goldar.

Season 1
Monster form
"Goldar's Vice-Versa"

Rito Revolto

Rito was Rita's bumbling brother; his major accomplishment was destroying the Thunderzords.


Master Vile

Master Vile was Rita and Rito's father.

Master Vile
Master Vile
Skull ship
galaxy conquered by Master Vile
Skull ship
Vile's flying fortress
Orb of Doom
artifact Vile used to turn back time (see Orb of Doom)

Other Characters

First form
with Dark Rangers
Wizard of Deception
giant head in the sky, summoned by Rita on two occasions
Dark Rangers
evil Ranger team Zedd tried to establish
Ghost of Darkness
entity who helped Rita devise a plan to clone Tommy
Wizard of Deception
villain who cloned Tommy and cast the Rangers back in time
Rita and Zedd's son (see Thrax)


Power Eggs
Morphing Masters
(clearer image from sentai)
Sword of Darkness
Green Candle
Second form
Zedd, Rita, Finster
with RV
Power Eggs
two powerful eggs once sought by Rita; previously hidden by the "Morphing Masters" (ancient sorcerers)
Sword of Darkness
sword Rita used to control Tommy's mind
Green Candle
magic candle Rita used to drain Tommy's Green Ranger powers (Zedd later used four others)
war-Zord summoned by Rita, piloted by Goldar
unnamed vehicle driven on the moon during the couple's lunar exile


Serpentera was a giant serpentine Zord used by Lord Zedd.

MMPR season 2
in silhouette
"Forever Red"


Moon palace
Season 2
Dark Dimension
Moon palace
Rita and Zedd's lunar base (see Moon palace)
Dark Dimension
prison-like area used by Rita (and later Zedd)
Island of Illusion
otherdimensional hallucinogenic island to which Lokar once banished the Rangers (Quagmire resided here)
Venus Island
island to which Goldar once took a captive child
dimension to which Zedd banished Tommy to drain his powers


MMPR season 1

Most monsters in season 1 were created by Finster using the Monstermatic. Unless otherwise noted, they were enlarged (when applicable) by Rita's wand. No monster names appeared in end credits, but names marked with an asterisk appeared in the toy line. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Notes
[Goldar] Day of the Dumpster retreated from Megazord during giant battle
Bones* High Five destroyed when head was thrown in crevice; monster wasn't enlarged
giant High Five only shown giant-sized; destroyed by Tyrannosaurus
Minotaur* Teamwork destroyed in normal size by Power Blaster following giant battle
King Sphinx* A Pressing Engagement joined by Goldar in both sizes
Gnarly Gnome Different Drum played a hypnotic accordion; Power Blaster broke him into stone rubble, but wand still revived/enlarged him
Pudgy Pig* Food Fight ate large quantities of food; wasn't enlarged following destruction by Power Blaster
Chunky Chicken Big Sisters
genie Switching Places emerged from an alien magic lamp; vanished in giant size when the lamp was destroyed
Eye Guy* I, Eye Guy
Mr. Ticklesneezer For Whom the Bell Trolls created from Trini's doll, collected things in a bottle; only existed in Trini's dream? (see discussion at Trini)
Knasty Knight* Happy Birthday, Zack
Pineoctopus No Clowning Around destroyed in giant size by Megazord's cranial laser
Terror Toad Power Ranger Punks destroyed by Power Bow, wasn't enlarged
Madame Woe Peace, Love and Woe wasn't enlarged following destruction by Power Blaster
Snizard* Foul Play in the Sky destroyed by Power Bow, wasn't enlarged
Dark Warrior Dark Warrior
[Goldar] (again) Green with Evil, part 1 wasn't defeated in giant battle
[Scorpina] Green with Evil, part 3 wasn't enlarged or defeated
[Goldar] (again), [Scorpina] (again), [Green Ranger] Green with Evil, part 4 weren't defeated in giant battle
[Dragonzord] Green with Evil, part 5
Shellshock The Trouble with Shellshock destroyed in giant size by Tyrannosaurus
Spidertron* Itsy Bitsy Spider first giant monster destroyed by Dragonzord Battle Mode
Spit Flower The Spit Flower wasn't enlarged following destruction by Power Blaster
Frankenstein monster Life's a Masquerade
[Super Putties] Gung Ho! weren't enlarged
[Wheel of Destruction] Wheel of Misfortune giant flying wheel created from Kimberly's spinning wheel; accompanied by giant Goldar and Scorpina; destroyed by Ultrazord (Goldar and Scorpina then retreated)
Mutitus Island of Illusion, parts 1 & 2 summoned (in giant size) by Rita, mutated by Lokar1; first giant monster destroyed by Mega-Dragonzord
[Lokar] Island of Illusion, parts 1 & 2 appeared in the sky2; flew away after Ultrazord blast hit3
hallucinated monsters Island of Illusion, part 1 assorted monsters the Rangers briefly saw while on the Island of Illusion (Pineoctopus, Pudgy Pig, Shellshock, Eye Guy, Snizard)
Rockstar The Rockstar created or summoned by Scorpina; destroyed by Mirror of Destruction
[Goldar] & [Scorpina] (again) The Rockstar retreated (in giant form) after giant Mirror of Destruction was destroyed
Samurai Fan Man Calamity Kimberly
Babe Ruthless A Star is Born joined in giant size by Goldar and Scorpina (who retreated off-screen?)
Weaveworm A Star is Born name from script only
Fang The Yolk's on You!
Cyclops The Green Candle, parts 1 & 2 only appeared in giant size; could shapeshift
Hatchasaurus & [Cardiatron] Birds of a Feather Hatchasaurus only shown in giant size; rebuilt twice by Cardiatron (computer heart); third destruction was permanent following Cardiatron's destruction by Jason's Power Sword and Dragon Dagger
Polluticorn Clean-Up Club
Twin Man A Bad Reflection on You impersonated Jason and turned Putties into duplicates of the other four Rangers; wasn't enlarged following destruction by Power Blaster
[Cyclopsis] Doomsday, parts 1 & 2
[Lokar] (again) Doomsday, parts 1 & 2 appeared in the sky4; last seen looking uncomfortable when Ultrazord blast hit Cyclopsis5
Octoplant Rita's Seed of Evil grown from evil seeds
Pudgy Pig (again) A Pig Surprise created from Bulk and Skull's pet pig; wasn't enlarged; transformation reversed by Billy
[Goldar] & [Scorpina] (again) A Pig Surprise Scorpina fought in normal size while Goldar fought in giant size (retreated from Megazord's finisher)
Goo Fish* Something Fishy
Goatan Lions & Blizzards created from a trophy; controlled the weather
[Goldar] & [Scorpina] (again) Crystal of Nightmares both retreated from giant battle after surviving Megazord's finisher
Fighting Flea To Flea or Not to Flee
Jellyfish Reign of the Jellyfish
Mantis Plague of the Mantis
Dramole* Return of an Old Friend, parts 1 & 2 used gas to capture people and put a spell on Billy
Grumble Bee* Grumble Bee
Two-Headed Parrot Two Heads are Better Than One named "Pete & Repeat" in the toy line
Peckster* Fowl Play
Pumpkin Rapper Trick or Treat grew in a pumpkin patch; was accompanied by pumpkin-head Putties; wasn't enlarged following destruction by Power Blaster
Soccadillo Second Chance spelled "Socadillo" in the toy line
Slippery Shark On Fins and Needles fin turned Jason and Tommy against each other
Lizzinator Enter… the Lizzinator
Rhino Blaster* Football Season accompanied by football Putties
Commander Crayfish Mighty Morphin' Mutants served as Red Mutant Ranger, accompanied by five Putties turned Mutant Rangers
Oysterizer An Oyster Stew

MMPR season 2

Most monsters in season 2 were created by Lord Zedd, generally from an inanimate object. Unless otherwise noted, they were enlarged (when applicable) by Zedd's silver ball. No monster names appeared in end credits, but names marked with an asterisk appeared in the toy line. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Created From Notes
Pirantis Head* The Mutiny, parts 1–3 fish (apparently a piranha) took remote control of the Dinozords6
Primator The Wanna-Be Ranger monkey costume could shapeshift (but seeing its reflection interfered)
Saliguana Putty on the Brain iguana
Bloom of Doom Bloom of Doom flowers wasn't enlarged following destruction by Power Blaster
Robogoat* The Green Dream book illustration
Octophantom The Power Stealer unknown drained some of Tommy's powers
Stag Beetle* The Beetle Invasion beetle drawing drained some of Tommy's powers
Invenusable Flytrap Welcome to Venus Island venus flytrap "Flytrap" spelled out as "Fly Trap" in toy line; wasn't enlarged following destruction by Power Blaster
Guitardo* The Song of Guitardo insect controlled the Rangers by playing a transformed version of Kimberly's guitar; destroyed by Dragon Dagger fired from Power Bow, wasn't enlarged
Turbanshell Green No More, parts 1 & 2 seashells? drained Tommy's powers7; fought in giant size8, then normal size9, then giant again10
Trumpet Top Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park trumpet made the Rangers hallucinate
hallucinated monsters Orchestral Maneuvers in the Park N/A assorted monsters Trumpet Top made the Rangers hallucinate (Grumble Bee, Saliguana, Fighting Flea, Soccadillo, Rhino Blaster, Mantis, Stag Beetle, Slippery Shark)
Pipebrain Missing Green trophy destroyed in giant size by Red Dragon Warrior Mode
Mirror Maniac Beauty and the Beast hand mirror
Nimrod White Light, parts 1 & 2 statue? could generate assistants AC and DC; first giant monster destroyed by Mega-Tigerzord
Pursehead Two for One purse reverted to purse form following a kick from White Ranger (wasn't enlarged)
Lipsyncher Two for One lipstick destroyed in giant size by Red Dragon Warrior Mode
Magnetbrain Opposites Attract magnetic device
key monster Zedd's Monster Mash unknown locked Tommy in a Dark Dimension; wasn't battled or enlarged
tombstone monster Zedd's Monster Mash unknown briefly took Tommy's Morpher in the Dark Dimension; wasn't defeated or enlarged
Dark Dimension monsters Zedd's Monster Mash N/A monsters revived by tombstone monster in the Dark Dimension (Snizard, Pumpkin Rapper, Primator, Robogoat, Invenusable Flytrap); only Pumpkin Rapper was enlarged
Terror Blossom The Ninja Encounter, parts 2 & 3 flowers petals could freeze people; summoned Hatchasaurus
Hatchasaurus & [Cardiatron] (again) The Ninja Encounter, part 2 N/A summoned by Terror Blossom; giant Hatchasaurus was somehow destroyed permanently on second try (by Thunder Megazord Saber and Tigerzord fireball)
Four Head A Monster of Global Proportions statue crushed in giant size by Thunder Ultrazord
Beamcaster Zedd Waves unknown could hypnotize people; wasn't enlarged following destruction by Power Blaster
Silverhorns The Power Transfer, part 2 tick? crushed in giant size by Thunder Ultrazord
[Goldar] & [Scorpina] (again) Goldar's Vice-Versa N/A both apparently enlarged by a single silver ball; survived several attacks, retreated from Thunder Ultrazord blasts
Skelereena Mirror of Regret hyena photo in book wasn't enlarged following destruction by Power Cannon
Scatterbrain When is a Ranger Not a Ranger? kaleidoscope could erase people's memories
Pachinkohead Rocky Just Wants to Have Fun pachinko machine could turn people into oversized pachinko balls
Showbiz Monster Lights, Camera, Action TV camera
Flame Head Where There's Smoke, There's Fire unknown
Cannontop Scavenger Hunt toy cannon
Weldo The Great Bookala Escape unknown destroyed by Billy's Blade Blaster, wasn't enlarged
evil Bookala The Great Bookala Escape Bookala doll
Jaws of Destruction Forever Friends saw
sea monsters A Reel Fish Story N/A assorted aquatic monsters resurrected by Zedd (Slippery Shark, Pirantis Head, Goo Fish, Commander Crayfish); all defeated by White Ranger, none enlarged
Tube Monster A Reel Fish Story innertube
Photomare Rangers Back in Time, parts 1 & 2 camera could capture people in photos
Rock of Time monsters Rangers Back in Time, part 2 N/A assorted monsters Zedd summoned to guard the Rock of Time (Dramole, Oysterizer, Invenusable Flytrap); defeated by assorted Power Weapons, none enlarged
wedding monsters The Wedding, parts 1–3 N/A assorted monsters who attended Rita and Zedd's wedding11 and pestered the Rangers in and out of the Specter Thater12
Rhino Blaster & Peckster (again) The Wedding, part 2 N/A enlarged by Zedd (using two successive silver balls) when the Rangers briefly escaped the theater; not defeated
pursuit monsters The Wedding, part 3 N/A assorted monsters sent to chase the Rangers as they fled to the Command Center; some then enlarged off-screen (Saliguana, Robogoat, Dramole, Grumble Bee, Soccadillo, Eye Guy), destroyed with various Megazord and Tigerzord attacks
rat monsters Return of the Green Ranger, parts 2 & 3 three rats created in the past by the Wizard of Deception13; reverted by Tommy using the wizard's wand14, weren't enlarged
[Dragonzord] Return of the Green Ranger, part 3 N/A controlled by evil Green Ranger
[Tigerzord] Best Man for the Job N/A controlled by Rita using Saba
Turkeyjerk Storybook Rangers, part 2 Bulk and Skull's attempt at making a monster (and/or Thanksgiving dinner) created with Zedd's assistance; destroyed by Power Cannon (half team), wasn't enlarged
Mondo the Magician Storybook Rangers, part 2 N/A magician in a storybook, said to be Rita's "old friend"; escaped with Rita and Zedd's help; only shown in giant size outside of storybook
Needlenose Wild West Rangers, parts 1 & 2 cactus
Vase Face Blue Ranger Gone Bad Tommy's sculpture

MMPR season 3 / MMAR / Zeo

Monsters in season 3 (including MMAR, and Zeo as well) had assorted origins. Unless otherwise noted, they were enlarged by combined energy bolts from Rita and Zedd's staves. No monster names appeared in end credits, but names marked with an asterisk appeared in the toy line. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Monster Featured Episode Notes
Repellator A Friend in Need, parts 2 & 3 introduced by Finster15; briefly grew ill from Kimberly's flu germs16; only season 3 monster enlarged by Zedd's rita-and-zedd17; also only season 3 monster destroyed by Thunder Megazord
[Rito] Ninja Quest, part 1 in giant size, overwhelmed the Thunderzords with monsters' help; wasn't defeated
ambush monsters Ninja Quest, part 1 in giant size, helped Rito (Lizzinator, Fighting Flea, Octophantom, Stag Beetle); weren't defeated, returned to the palace in normal size18
[Rito] (again) Ninja Quest, part 4 survived giant defeat by Ninja Megafalconzord
Vampirus* Ninja Quest, part 4 hatched from an egg brought by Rito
Artistmole A Brush with Destiny created by Finster from Kimberly's nightmare
Lanterra Passing the Lantern created (off-screen) from a paper lantern (not Adam's)
Marvo the Meanie Wizard for a Day accidentally created from Mr. Wilton by Rito using Zedd's staff; could turn people into chemicals; reverted to Mr. Wilton upon giant-sized defeat by Ape Ninjazord
Centiback Fourth Down and Long accidentally created when Finster's magic centipede touched a football; could turn people into footballs
Hate Master Stop the Hate Master, parts 1 & 2 grown by Rita and Zedd from "seeds of hate" from Finster's prior monsters19; enlarged, wasn't defeated20, then reappeared in normal size, enlarged again; destroyed in giant size by assorted Ninjazord attacks (plus Titanus)21
Face Stealer Final Face-Off released by Rita from an ancient urn; could steal people's faces (and souls); defeated in giant size by Ninja Ultrazord, returned to urn
Miss Chief The Potion Notion prepared by Finster, armed with a love potion by Rito
[Rito] (again) A Ranger Catastrophe, part 2 survived giant-sized defeat by Ninja Megazord
Kat monster A Ranger Catastrophe, part 2 monster form of spellbound Katherine (triggered by Rita?); named "Katastrophe" in auction; Kat survived giant destruction by Ninja Megafalconzord
[Goldar] (again) Changing of the Zords, part 1 grew under his own power (?); wasn't defeated
Inciserator / Fangenstein Changing of the Zords, part 2 sent (created?) by Zedd, left battle without being defeated; name differed by episode versions; "Fangenstein" also used in auction
See Monster Changing of the Zords, part 3 (and The Good, the Bad, and the Stupid) reportedly Finster's monster; name mentioned in later episode22
Crabby Cabbie Follow That Cab! created from a cab using Finster's "vehicular transformer"; defeated in giant size by Shogunzords' tower attack
Garbage Mouth A Different Shade of Pink, part 2 introduced by Finster
Ravenator Rita's Pita created by Finster; affected Tommy's appetite from inside his stomach
Brick Bully Another Brick in the Wall accidentally created from a brick wall while Rita was aiming for Kat; ate building supplies, could shrink people into bricks; enlarged by Rita alone, destroyed by Blue Shogunzord lance
Sinister Simian A Chimp in Charge created by Zedd from a chimp; reverted to normal from giant monster form when injected with Billy's formula
Blue Globbor Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, parts 1–3 hatched from egg spat out by Master Vile; able to drain (and mimic) powers; also simply called "Globbor"23
End of the World party Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, part 3 assorted monsters who attended Master Vile's "End of the World" party (included Dischordia); none enlarged
[Master Vile] Master Vile and the Metallic Armor, part 3 briefly battled the Zords in giant size after Globbor's destruction; retreated after surviving Shogun Megafalconzord and Ninja Megafalconzord finishers
Dischordia The Sound of Dischordia unleashed by Master Vile (Zedd was previously familiar with her); only monster destroyed (in giant size) by Shogun Ultrazord
[Rita, Zedd, Goldar, Rito] Rangers in Reverse see below

Monster Featured Episode Notes
[Rita, Zedd, Goldar, Rito] Alien Rangers of Aquitar, part 1 rampaged a bit in giant size before being reverted by Master Vile
Professor Longnose Alien Rangers of Aquitar, part 2 named in previous episode24; as Vile's "field general," led assorted monsters from Master Vile's "monster conference"25
Longnose's crew Alien Rangers of Aquitar, part 2 assorted monsters from "monster conference" (Garbage Mouth, unnamed green monster, Brick Bully, See Monster, Crabby Cabbie); apparently teleported away (in giant size) after Longnose's defeat
Slotsky* Climb Every Fountain created by Zedd from Billy's broken regenerator device; destroyed in giant size by Red Battle Borg fire streak
Erik* and Merrick* (Barbaric Brothers) The Alien Trap dispatched by Rita and Zedd; toys indicated Erik was blue and Merrick red
Bratboy Attack of the 60' Bulk transformed version of young Bulk created by Rita and Zedd; reverted from giant monster form after Ranger kids reminded him of his identity (Rita and Zedd re-transformed him but then reverted him after he blasted at their palace)
Witchblade Water You Thinking? Zedd's "old friend" he called in
Arachnofiend Along Came a Spider created by Zedd from a spider
[Hydro Hog] Hogday Afternoon, parts 1 & 2
Impursonator Rangers of Two Worlds, parts 1 & 2 accidentally created from a purse while Rita was intending to transform Kat26; absorbed most attacks27; in giant size, fused with Cog Changer; was then destroyed in this form by Warrior Wheel (thrown by Super Zeo Megazord after being passed around)28

The following monsters appeared in the toy line but had no (prominent) appearances in-show:

  • Pythor (season 2)
  • Calcifire (season 3)
  • Silent Knight (season 3)
  • Steamy Meanie (season 3)


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