Scorpius and Trakeena

villains who attacked Terra Venture

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Early Lost Galaxy
Original armor
with staff
"Journey's End"
Green form
"Trakeena's Revenge"
Monster form

Associated Characters/Elements

Scorpion Stinger
Scorpion Stinger
Scorpius and Trakeena's ship
insectoid foot soldiers
cocoon left by Scorpius; eventually used by Trakeena to power up into green form

Generals / Aides

red warrior, failed to discover the Lights of Orion
former rival to the Magna Defender
scheming agent who deceived Scorpius and Trakeena
warrior who mentored Trakeena
Villamax's assistant

Lost Galaxy villains

Captain Mutiny
Captain Mutiny
space pirate
giant sea creature on which Captain Mutiny's castle was affixed
Captain Mutiny's foot soldiers
general over Captain Mutiny's forces
sorceress who served Captain Mutiny


Most monsters listed below were among forces serving Scorpius and Trakeena. Unless otherwise noted, monsters were able to grow apparently under their own power. Names marked with an asterisk were listed in end credits. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters. Most monsters bore one of four emblems, all of them seen on banners in Captain Mutiny's castle (letters A–D are for reference in the table below):

  • A: emblem resembling a golden V with wings
  • B: diamond-shaped emblem resembling a sunrise (or sunset?)
  • C: emblem resembling a golden eye with five downward eyelashes
  • D: trident-like multi-pronged emblem
Monster Featured Episode Emblem Notes
Brunt Race to the Rescue none? had Galactabeasts locked up, hoped Scorpius would promote him after seeing "what a great general" he was; unnamed in dialog; name given in captions, script, and now-defunct Fox Kids website; last seen pursuing Maya
Radster Race to the Rescue A (vest, sentai only) aided by Furio; grew by drinking green liquid from flask
Horn* Rookie in Red none? weapons dealer from whom the Rangers snagged the Transdaggers, sent by Furio; unnamed in dialog, credited only in "Hexuba's Graveyard"; grew by drinking green liquid from flask
Gasser* Homesick none? sent by Furio; credited only in "Hexuba's Graveyard"; the Fox Kids website (see text archive) listed two monsters in this episode: Gasser and "Sledge" (Sledge was just Gasser holding a sledgehammer); growth trigger wasn't shown
Mutantrum* The Lights of Orion B (shoulders) impersonated Mike per Furio's plan; credited only in "Hexuba's Graveyard"; grew by drinking green liquid from flask
Wisewizard Double Duty B (sleeve and notebook) sent by Furio
Quakemaker* The Blue Crush A (left shoulder) overseen by Furio; credited only in "Hexuba's Graveyard"
[Furio]* The Magna Defender none? self-destructed, didn't grow
pickaxe monster The Magna Defender unknown only seen in silhouette; see discussion below
Ruptor The Magna Defender A (vest) overseen by Treacheron; unnamed in dialog; credited in home video release (also on Fox Kids website)
Samuron The Magna Defender B (chest) overseen by Treacheron; unnamed in dialog; credited in home video release (also on Fox Kids website)
flashback monsters Sunflower Search various assorted monsters (Radster, blue beetle monster, Fishface, Impostra, Motor Mantis) who accompanied Scorpius in raiding the Magna Defender's home planet 3,000 years prior; Mutiny also glimpsed from behind (?)
Fishface* The Sunflower Search B (stomach) sent by Treacheron; recalled by Magna Defender as the monster who held his son captive 3,000 years ago; grew by drinking green liquid from flask
Chillyfish* Silent Sleep B (left shoulder) overseen by Treacheron; froze the colonists
Destruxo* Orion Rising; Orion Returns B (helmet) drew out the Lights of Orion from Terra Venture1, later briefly powered up by them2; overseen by Treacheron3
Impostra* Orion Returns none? shapeshifter used by Trakeena to trick Treacheron; not defeated, didn't grow
Shark Brothers Shark Attack B (chests) loyal to Treacheron; listed in end credits as "Red Shark" and "Green Shark"
[Treacheron]* Shark Attack B (shoulders) didn't grow after exploding from Leo's sword strike
Freaky Tiki* Redemption Day C (forehead) sent by Trakeena
Skelekron* Destined for Greatness C (helmet) sent by Scorpius; captured the Rangers in mirrors, transferred their powers into Skelekron Warriors
Crumummy* Stolen Beauty C (forehead) sent by Trakeena, stole beauty from women
Hardtochoke* The Lost Galactabeasts, part 2 C (abdomen) summoned by Deviot
[Villamax]* Heir to the Throne A (chest) never fought the Rangers, only trained Trakeena
[Scorpius] Heir to the Throne none? didn't grow after explosion from Leo's sword strike; survived long enough to pass powers to Trakeena
Kubak* An Evil Game B (wings) sent by Deviot to attack Trakeena; unnamed in dialog; name from end credits
Teksa* An Evil Game B (abdomen) sent by Deviot to attack Trakeena; credited only in "Hexuba's Graveyard"
Rykon* Memories of Mirinoi C (abdomen) overseen by Trakeena, impersonated Shondra
Cannonbrawl* Green Courage D (left shoulder) sent by Trakeena
Icy Angel* Blue to the Test D (waist) sent by Trakeena?
Motor Mantis* Mean Wheels Mantis none? introduced by Deviot; turned the girls into trophies
[Loyax]* Loyax' Last Battle D (abdomen) introduced by Villamax, later controlled by Deviot, destroyed in giant size by Deviot's remote
Maronda* A Red Romance C (forehead) sent by Deviot
Chameliac* The Chameliac Warrior D (chest) sent by Trakeena; copied the Rangers' combat styles
archive monsters The Chameliac Warrior various assorted monsters (blue beetle monster, Radster, Ruptor, centipede monster, Rykon, Quakemaker) seen battling the Rangers in archives analyzed by Chameliac
[Psycho Rangers] To the Tenth Power N/A revived from data cards by Deviot; didn't grow after Rangers' finishing blasts; Psycho Pink somehow survived
[Psycho Pink]* The Power of Pink N/A
Spikaka* Protect the Quasar Sabers A (chest) accompanied Deviot; unnamed in dialog; name from end credits; didn't grow after defeat by Rangers' Orion attack
Ironite* Protect the Quasar Sabers D (left forearm, sentai only) unnamed in dialog; name from end credits
Magnetox* Facing the Past D (chest) sent by Trakeena; could drain the Rangers' powers; didn't grow after defeat by Red Armored Ranger
Decibat* Turn Up the Volume none? sent by Trakeena; didn't grow after defeat by Rangers' Orion attack
[Deviot]* Enter the Lost Galaxy none? mutated upon reading the Keonta spell from the Galaxy Book; grew following Galaxy Quasar Launcher blast, seemingly destroyed by Galaxy Megazord Saber4; later alive in normal size (but still mutated), reverted to normal self upon draining Rocketron's energy5
Rocketron* Beware the Mutiny D (forehead) sent by Barbarax (in Lost Galaxy); after explosion in giant size, was seen in normal size, but monster-Deviot then drained his energy, making him explode (permanently?)
Grunchor Grunchor on the Loose none? spelling given in episode title; deposited in Terra Venture by Captain Mutiny's forces6, vouched for by Barbarax, grew after eating Deviot's "strength serum"7, grew into various forms until its giant form
Rojomon* Until Sunset none? accompanied Mutiny to capture site; unnamed in dialog; apparently didn't grow after destruction by Red Armored Ranger
Nightmare* Dream Battle D (chest) credited as "Nightmare the Monster"; only existed in Hexuba's nightmare world?
graveyard monsters Hexuba's Graveyard various assorted monsters revived by Hexuba (Freaky Tiki, Teksa, Horn, Destruxo, Fishface, Treacheron, Gasser, Mutantrum, Hardtochoke, Quakemaker); none grew upon defeat
[Hexuba]* Hexuba's Graveyard C (hands) used monsters' combined powers to transform, then grew in this form after defeat by Red Armored Ranger
"monsters of yore" Hexuba's Graveyard N/A assorted monsters seen in Hexuba's powered-up form (Hardtochoke, blue-skinned monster, Icy Angel, Crumummy, Skelekron, Freaky Tiki, Maronda, Rykon)
Titanisaur Raise the Titanisaur none? only seen in giant form (with Mutiny's castle usually attached)8; spelling given in episode title
[Barbarax] Escape the Lost Galaxy D (right shoulder) not defeated with finality in battle
[green Trakeena] Journey's End, part 3 none? didn't grow upon defeat by Red Armored Ranger


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Who was the pickaxe monster in "The Magna Defender," and what is a Starcog?

In "The Magna Defender," Scorpius instructed Treacheron to take three monsters to stop the Magna Defender from gaining the Lights of Orion. Two monsters (Ruptor and Samuron) later appeared clearly in the episode, but beforehand, Leo encountered a silhouetted figure (the third monster?) striking a cave wall with a pickaxe (it fled at this point). Here's what we know about this figure:

  • Its shape didn't seem to match Ruptor or Samuron. (Its voice was low, perhaps like Samuron, but definitely not like Ruptor's higher voice.)
  • The now-defunct Fox Kids website (see text archive) listed an additional monster name for this episode: "Starcon."
  • In the preview for this episode (originally aired after "The Blue Crush" and present in Lost Galaxy DVDs released by Shout! Factory), Scorpius's voice was heard saying (in a line which was not included in the final episode), "The Lights of Orion… Bring them to me, [name here]." Whether he said Starcon, Starcog, or something else is open to interpretation (listen here), but note that the (not always reliable) captions transcribed it as "Starcom" (!). Curiously, this line was heard as the preview showed Ruptor attacking Kendrix to take the stone believed to contain the Lights.
  • The shape of the monster's silhouetted bulky torso roughly gave the impression of a star, leading some fans to associate this monster with the unused sentai monster Kugutsudayuu (which just so happened to be both starfish-related and cog-related, befitting "Starcog," if that were in fact what Scorpius said in his omitted line). Nonetheless, the shape of the silhouetted monster's head, forearms, and apparent tail weren't a perfect match for this sentai monster (in real life, the crew may or may not have had Kugutsudayuu's costume available at the time).

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