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Last Name Truman1

Associated Characters/Elements

Scott's car
unnamed car Scott drove
Colonel Truman
Scott's father (see Colonel Truman)
Marcus Truman
Scott's brother, leader of Eagle Squad; apparently died during Venjix air battle
Flux overthruster
device which boosted the speed and maneuverability of Marcus's plane; later retrieved from wreckage by Scott (see Flux overthruster)



Shortly after Colonel Truman had tasked Marcus with choosing a second leader for Eagle Squad, their base (in Corinth?) was hit by Venjix attacks2. Scott joined in Eagle Squad's air cover the night before Corinth's shields were raised, but Marcus's plane apparently exploded in the air as he was drawing the drones' fire, and Scott ejected as his own plane was going down3. The next day, injured Scott was rescued by Summer4, and he subsequently served as Ranger Red. Scott later found the flux overthruster in the wreckage of Marcus's plane and learned that he had been Marcus's intended recommendation for second squad leader5. After Venjix's defeat, Colonel Truman placed Scott in command of Eagle Squadron (which Gem and Gemma also joined)6.


After Scott (and others?) had piloted the Skyrev Megazord against him, Professor Cog made his way to the Samurai Rangers' world; Scott followed, remaining morphed outside his own dimension for reportedly respiratory reasons (see Corinth)7. Scott and Jayden allowed Cog to believe he'd turned them against each other, after which Scott's team returned from a brief stay in Scott's dimension; after Cog's defeat, Scott returned to his own dimension8. (It's unknown when this teamup occurred relative to the events of RPM; see discussion at Corinth.)


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