Symbol power

power utilized by Samurai Rangers (often through kanji)

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Symbol Power

In a broad sense, the term "symbol power" seemed to describe a raw power exerted by the Samurai Rangers1. Other terms for this power included "samurai power"2, "power"3, "symbol energy"4, and "energy"5.

Power Symbols

Morphing symbols
天, 木, 火, 水, 土
writing 煙 (smoke)

Symbol Power could be manifested through the use of Power Symbols (also called "samurai symbols"6, "symbol power"7, and "kanji"8), which were kanji characters written on paper or in midair9. The Rangers initiated their morphs by drawing their respective elemental kanji:

Kanji Real-Life Translation
Red fire
Blue water
Green tree
Pink heaven
Yellow earth

Power Discs

Symbol power could also be harnessed through the use of Power Discs10. Power Discs were attachable to various devices, some of which (notably the Spin Swords) allowed the discs to spin, producing the illusion of animation via the images around the discs.

Folding Zord Discs
Cannon Blast Mode
Ape Power Disc
in belt buckle
Black Shiba disc
Spin Sword reflection
Double disc
on Fire Smasher
Combine disc
Shiba Fire disc
Black Shiba discs
unnamed default Spin Sword discs
Folding Zord discs
discs matching the five Folding Zords, generally used for special attacks
Lightning Disc
disc used for lightning attacks
Zord discs
additional discs for Beetle, Swordfish, Tiger, Octozord, Claw Zord, Shark, and Bull Zords
Super Disc
disc used with black box to access Super Mode
Combination discs
discs apparently used to combine Zords with one or more Rangers missing11
Shogun Disc
disc used to access Shogun Mode
Shiba Fire Discs
two discs provided by Lauren to boost a Ranger's fire power12
Kanji discs
assorted white discs used to access particular kanji effects


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