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Full Name Theodore Jay (or J.) Jarvis Johnson1



Having made friends with Cassie on a bus ride to Angel Grove, T.J. helped Kat and Tommy against Divatox's forces and was subsequently chosen as the Red Turbo Ranger2. He later ventured into space with his teammates aboard the Astro Megashuttle3.

In Space

T.J. and his teammates joined with Andros as Space Rangers (T.J. now as the Blue Ranger) in Andros's mission to rescue Zordon4. The team was joined by Andros, Karone, and Zhane on their return trip to Earth following their victory over Astronema's forces5.

Lost Galaxy

T.J. and his teammates followed Andros to Terra Venture, where they reclaimed their Astro Morphers to battle the Psycho Rangers6. Soon thereafter, the team ultimately departed for Earth (with their Morphers) despite the apparent death of Kendrix7.

Wild Force

As the Red Turbo Ranger once again, T.J. joined in Tommy's Red Ranger mission to stop General Venjix8.


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