Time Force

police force in the year 3000

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Associated Characters/Elements

Captain Logan
Time Force
Captain Logan
captain of the Time Force Police1
officer who previously worked with Steelix, a mutant officer who betrayed Time Force2 (see Jen)
super-strong officer (see Katie)
officer, race car driver (see Lucas)
Xybrian officer (see Trip)

Time Force Rangers

The Time Force Rangers used assorted Time Force equipment (see Time Force Rangers for details). In the year 3000, only the Red Ranger appeared to be active3 (his Chrono Morpher locked to his DNA4); Jen's team took four additional Morphers (unlocked by Red's Morpher) from the Time Ship5.


As the Red Time Force Ranger, Alex succeeded in arresting Ransik (apparently reporting to Captain Logan); he then proposed to his girlfriend and fellow officer Jen (she accepted)6. Critically injured by Ransik, Alex gave Jen his Morpher, told her of others in the Time Ship, and asked her to promise she'd catch Ransik (Ransik escaped into the past after this point)7. In the past, Jen found that Alex's lookalike (relative?) Wes was able to activate Alex's DNA-locked Morpher8. Having "barely survived"9, Alex later deployed the Time Shadow (without Logan's knowledge) to help Jen's team10; he also sent the Mega Battle to help Eric11. Logan later appeared to report to Alex as Alex monitored the future "shifting"12; Alex personally visited the past to help against Dragontron13 and get history "back on track"14, but he eventually deferred to Wes's determination to choose his own destiny (healing Mr. Collins on his deathbed before leaving)15. At another point, he sent the Strata Cycle, reportedly to help Wes "protect Jen"16. Jen later returned her engagement ring17 as she and her teammates refused Alex's request for them to remain in the future and allow Wes to die in the past18.

Time Force
Last Name unknown (some production sources reportedly listed it as Drake)


The "Funaro Maximum Security Prison"19 was a prison which housed chrono-frozen mutant criminals20. Using a time device21, Ransik transported the upper portion of this building to the year 2001; it was initially seen apparently hovering (?) in an alley as Ransik investigated his arrival year22, after which it remained in a forest somewhere (seemingly tilted, though the interior appeared level) as Ransik's base of operations23. The prison was later seen to be back in place in the year 3001 following Ransik's capture24.

Before Ransik (3000)
After Ransik (2001)
process which transformed criminals into shrunken figurine-like forms25; could be performed inside a chamber in the prison26 or by the Time Force Zords' finishing moves27 (and more); apparently didn't stop mental processes28
small pod-like containers in which chrono-frozen criminals were stored29; canisters then placed in an apparent freezer (in prison30 or in the clock tower31)
name for the chrono-freezing chamber when it was used to transform a mutant back into normal form32 (which Ransik regularly did33)
hidden vault containing the "most vicious" mutant criminals; key secretly found by Frax under the central console34

Time Gate

The Time Gate was Time Force's primary (or only?) means of sending vehicles and technology through time35. After Jen and her team had destroyed a Time Ship chasing Ransik to the year 200136, Captain Logan reported that without the Time Ship, Time Force would be unable to send any "human help"37, although a second Time Ship was later used by Alex38 (and others39), and the four Rangers even returned to 2001 at a later point using the Megazord's jet mode (which didn't even use the Time Gate to travel back?)40.

Transwarp Megazord
wearing Time Gate
Time Gate
and runway
Time Gate
Transwarp Megazord
ready to launch
Time Ship
Transwarp Megazord
autonomous robot which propelled objects through the Time Gate41; once battled in the past42
Quantasaurus Rex
Zord lost (along with Quantum Controller) "when Time Force first started experimenting with time travel"43 (see Q-Rex)

Time device

Seeking to "rule the past," Ransik was arrested after connecting a device (described as "the heart to a time-warping device") to some sort of arch-shaped structure inside a warehouse-like building; Alex then handed the device to Captain Logan44. When Ransik later took over the prison, Frax attached the same device (or one looking just like it?) to the prison's console, soon warping the prison and its occupants45 to the year 2001 (though they had to inquire about their destination year upon arriving46). The device apparently remained in this console throughout Ransik's subsequent attacks47.

Time device


Circuit was a robotic owl who traveled back in time with the Time Force Rangers48; he occasionally traveled in a sack Trip carried49. Circuit's "data banks" later noted the Raimei tank had "never existed" without Ransik50. Circuit reportedly wasn't "allowed" to access information about the future (past the year 2001?); when he did anyway (begged by the Rangers), Alex secretly removed his access51.



Time Force

In the year 3000, the streets had been "cleared of every criminal" (except Ransik), thanks to the "Time Force Police" (per the narrator)52. Arrested by Alex, Ransik was sentenced to "cryogenic detainment for life"; when he escaped his prison convoy, Captain Logan relieved Jen and her teammates of their duties53. After Alex was struck down, however, Jen's team took the Morphers and Time Ship (without Logan's authorization) to the year 200154. Reportedly unable to send human help55, Logan routinely sent the Time Flyers instead56; Alex also sent the Time Shadow57 and Mega Battle58 (and later the Strata Cycle59). After Steelix's capture60 (just before the debut of Dragontron61), Alex noted "the future [was] shifting"62 and traveled back in a Time Ship63 to lead the Rangers against Dragontron (refusing to detail how the future had been changed); he also told Wes of his destiny to lead Bio-Lab after his father's impending death64. Wes opted to choose his own destiny (and the Rangers didn't work well with Alex anyway), at which point Alex healed Mr. Collins and returned to the future65. Alex later blocked Circuit's access to data about the looming time hole crisis (saying to himself, "They can't know yet")66, but he soon told the Rangers "the history banks" indicated they wouldn't survive the crisis67 (see details below); he then sent the Time Ship, into which Wes sealed them to ensure their safety68. In the future, Alex prepared the team for "memory adaptation" (said to be standard procedure to erase time travelers' memories to acclimate them to their time)69, but the team insisted on returning (they did so in the Megazord's jet mode, per Alex's advice)70. The time holes then ended (with Trip's help to neutralize the Q-Rex's Trizirium crystal), Ransik was arrested, and the team returned to the future71.

Wild Force

In the year 3001, Ransik was in a prison cell (not chrono-frozen) and Nadira was teaching children (an arrangement Lucas reportedly brokered with "the board") when the Time Force Rangers sought their help against Mut-Orgs which had somehow escaped into the year 2002 (Jen had been in the past roughly a week by this point, having been tracking the Mut-Orgs)72. This support group traveled by Time Ship (reportedly sent on Captain Logan's orders); after the defeat of the Mut-Orgs (and Ransik apparently losing his mutant DNA?), all were last seen celebrating with the Wild Force Rangers in the past73.

Super Megaforce

Equipped with various sixth-Ranger keys, Orion was able to summon the "Time Force Q-Rex," a Zord which — like the original Q-Rex — had a mode resembling a tyrannosaurus; he did so using the Quantum Ranger key74. During this Q-Rex's first appearance, the Zord was seen flying over what resembled Time Force's futuristic city (year unknown) before it passed through a tunnel75 resembling the tunnel seen during voyages which used the Time Gate76.


Were sentient robots prohibited in the year 3000?

Frax once defused Nadira's suspicion of his scheming by noting, "You know that robots aren't programmed to think for themselves," to which Nadira agreed77. Note, however, that Circuit seemed to deliberate before breaking the rules to access future information at the Rangers' urging ("just this once," he noted)78; should this not count as "thinking for [himself]," or should Circuit be counted as exceptional in this regard? Alternately, could Frax have been simply preying on Nadira's ignorance about robots?

How did Alex later have a working Time Ship if the Rangers destroyed the Time Ship in the premiere?

Captain Logan did initially rule out "human help" with the Time Ship destroyed79, but we don't know whether Time Force could have built a replacement by the time Alex came back80, or whether the future reportedly "shifting" in unspecified ways81 could be used to explain this sort of issue.

How could the Megazord's jet mode take the Rangers back in time if Logan said a Time Ship was required?

As in the previous answer, could the "shifting" future explain anything? Did Time Force develop new time travel methods? Did the time holes in 2001 open new methods of travel? Was Logan wrong originally? Of course, we might also ask what was special about Ransik's time device82 to allow time travel without a Time Ship (although in his case, it was mutants and robots rather than "humans" per se). Whatever the explanation, note that the hovering jet mode (in a hangar) simply vanished with a gleam of light (after a voice announced, "ready for time shift")83 rather than flying through the customary Time Gate.

What was "supposed" to happen in the time hole crisis?

Alex gave two slightly different answers to Trip's optimistic question about the future depending on the episode (the cliffhanger dialog spanned two episodes and changed between them); when the four Rangers later returned to the future without Wes, Alex gave a third version of the crisis's conclusion:

A Calm Before the Storm (end of episode) (countering Trip's optimism) "According to the history banks, you save the future, but you don't survive to make it back."
The End of Time, part 1 (start of episode) (countering Trip's optimism) "The details are unclear, but according to the history banks, there's a massive attack on the city. None of you survive to make it back."
The End of Time, part 2 (Wes alone in past) (on Wes's fate) "He didn't make it. …but he fought bravely, and his efforts helped to save the future."

How would the future have been saved if the Rangers and/or Wes died during the crisis?

Unspecified; we know the time holes were at least aggravated by the battle between the Q-Rex and Doomtron84, but supposing the Rangers were killed (ceasing the Q-Rex battle?), we don't know how the situation between Nadira, Ransik, and Frax would have played out85 (or how the Rangers could be said to have "saved" the future if, for example, the villains had somehow ceased their attack on their own). Note that before the four Rangers returned to the past, Wes (armed with the Quantum Morpher and Quantum Defender) was being overwhelmed by Cyclobots86; also around this time, Nadira failed to persuade Ransik not to resume Frax's attack87.

Did the Rangers (and Ransik and Nadira) undergo "memory adaptation" upon returning to 3000 after Ransik's arrest?

We don't know what happened to the Rangers, Ransik, and Nadira upon their return to 300088, except that Jen was later on a Mut-Org mission, Ransik was in prison, and Nadira was working with children; none of them appeared to lack any memories of their time in the past89. Notably, Jen said of seeing Wes again (having come to 2002 in pursuit of the Mut-Orgs), "I guess I can change my destiny too"90.

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