Time Force Rangers

Ranger team who sought to arrest Ransik on behalf of Time Force

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Season Power Rangers Time Force (2001)
Visual Theme clocks/time
Number of Rangers 5 (+1: Quantum)

Team Equipment

Chrono Morpher
Pink (sentai)
Chrono Blaster
Time Force Rangers
with Chrono Sabers
Time Jet
Vortex Blaster
Vector Cycles
Electro Booster
Chrono Morphers
communicators / Morphers (x5)1
unnamed scanner sunglasses which could detect mutant DNA2
devices used to capture chrono-frozen mutants in canisters (x5)3
Chrono Blasters
laser pistols (x5)4
Chrono Sabers
dual swords (x5)5
Time Jet
team jet (x1) (see Time Jet)6
large blasters (x5)7; able to chrono-freeze mutants8
Vortex Blaster
team cannon (x1), assembled from V-Weapons (x5)9; able to chrono-freeze mutants10
Vector Cycles
motorcycles (x5)11
Electro Booster
device (x1) which combined with a Chrono Saber to form a blaster12

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Red Ranger

Red Ranger
Strata Cycle
Battle Warrior armor
Known Users Alex13, Wes14
V-Weapon V1
Time Flyer Time Flyer 1
Strata Cycle
Red's flying craft15
Battle Fire
power used to transform Red into Battle Warrior armor16

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger
Known Users Lucas17
V-Weapon V2
Time Flyer Time Flyer 2

Green Ranger

Green Ranger
Known Users Trip18
V-Weapon V3
Time Flyer Time Flyer 3

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger
Known Users Katie19
V-Weapon V4
Time Flyer Time Flyer 4

Pink Ranger

Pink Ranger
Known Users Jen20, Emma21
V-Weapon V5
Time Flyer Time Flyer 5

Quantum Ranger

Quantum Ranger
Quantum Controller
Quantum Morpher
Quantum Defender
Mega Battle
TF Eagle
Known Users Eric22
Zord Quantasaurus Rex
Quantum Morpher
Quantum's voice-activated communicator / Morpher23, used to control Q-Rex24; wasn't apparently DNA-locked like Chrono Morphers25
Quantum Controller
original box-like form of Quantum Morpher (or box which produced the Quantum Morpher); also called a "control box"26
Quantum Defender
Quantum's laser pistol / sword27; able to chrono-freeze mutants28
TF Eagle
Quantum's jet29
Mega Battle
Quantum's armored mode30; sword once chrono-froze a giant mutant31 (!)


Time Force

In the year 3000, Alex apparently served as the lone Red Ranger until being struck down by Ransik; he passed his Morpher to Jen and told her of four others in the Time Ship32. Curiously, these four Morphers became DNA-locked to Jen's team but wouldn't function without Red, which was DNA-locked to Alex; fortunately, Alex's year-2001 lookalike (relative?) Wes was able to use it, unlocking the full team33. Among the Time Ship's wreckage were cases containing the (initially miniaturized) Time Jet34 and Vector Cycles35; Trip soon constructed the Electro Booster36. After archaeologists discovered the Quantum Controller (lost by Time Force in a time travel experiment), Eric inserted his hand, transforming the box into (or causing it to produce) the Quantum Morpher (which he then used37 and which Dr. Zaskin later studied38). Alex later sent the Mega Battle39 and Strata Cycle40 (he also briefly took over as Red Ranger41). Later injured, Eric passed his Morpher and Quantum Defender to Wes42, allowing him to neutralize the Q-Rex's Trizirium crystal (with some adjustments by Trip)43. After Ransik's arrest, Jen and her teammates returned to the future, but Wes and Eric kept their respective Morphers in 200144.

Wild Force

Wes and Eric morphed to battle Mut-Orgs in 200245; they were soon joined by Jen and her teammates, who morphed as well46. Wes and Eric used their powers once again during Tommy's Red Ranger mission47.

Dino Thunder

Hayley noted most Rangers didn't have their powers anymore48 (but did this include the Time Force Rangers?).

Super Megaforce

The Super Mega Rangers used the Time Force powers in the following ways:

  • Five (?) Time Force Ranger Keys allowed the main Super Mega Rangers to morph into Time Force Rangers49 (technically, only Pink was shown in use, but five key-like figures resembling the Time Force team were seen in the Command Center50).
  • Orion used a Quantum Ranger key to summon his Q-Rex51.
  • The Quantum Ranger's powers (via the Quantum key) were apparently among sixth-Ranger powers used in Orion's Gold Mode52.

The six Time Force Rangers themselves later joined in the Legendary Battle53; Red removed his helmet, revealing himself as Wes.


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