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Last Name unknown (if applicable; some sources listed it as "Regis," but the Power Rangers website lists none)

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Trip's home planet1


As a Xybrian (whose gems reportedly gave them "special visions"2), Trip experienced occasional bursts of clairvoyance (described by Lucas as "reading minds"3):

  • Though he failed to predict Ransik's escape plan, Trip later unexpectedly saw a vision of Ransik and crew at the prison4.
  • He saw a vision of Lucas's poker hand from across the room5.
  • Concentrating, he willed himself to see a vision of Circuit, revealing where the robot was being held6.
  • He saw a vision (not revealed to the audience) but then decided against warning Lucas of a pile of muck in front of him7. (Whether this was precognition or mind-reading of the other Rangers who were walking ahead of them is unclear.)
  • He unexpectedly saw a vision of children in danger some distance away8; this was the only instance in which Trip was seen receiving a vision while morphed.


Time Force

In the year 3000, Trip was among a small team of Time Force officers from whose prison convoy Ransik escaped; the team was relieved of their duties9 but (per Jen) took the Chrono Morphers to the year 2001 in pursuit of Ransik10. The team returned to the future after Ransik was eventually captured11.

Wild Force

In the year 3001, Wes and Eric contacted Trip from the past; he relayed information about Mut-Orgs Jen had been tracking12. Trip and the others then helped the Wild Force Rangers destroy the Mut-Orgs in the past13.


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