Troobians and Broodwing

villains who battled the SPD Rangers

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Emperor Gruumm

Emperor Gruumm was an invader who commanded various alien forces.

Emperor Gruumm
name apparently used for Gruumm's collective forces


Broodwing was a self-serving weapons dealer.



Mora was a (seemingly) young girl allied with Gruumm.

Early SPD
in battlesuit
Late SPD
Cindy Sunshine
Mora's doll
sketchbook by which Mora created monsters from her drawings
Mora's adult form which she disliked


Omni (also called "the Magnificence?") was Emperor Gruumm's master. Gruumm's ship was eventually transformed into an enormous body for Omni.

Omni's eye
Omni's body

Other Characters/Elements

Terror ship
Gruumm's bike
Gruumm's ship
motorcycle Gruumm once rode into battle
Gruumm's basic foot soldiers
soldiers stronger than Krybots
soldiers stronger than Blueheads


Most threats faced by the SPD Rangers were either alien criminals (working for Gruumm and/or Broodwing) or monsters (created by Mora). Both types of foes were known to pilot giant robots provided by Broodwing, generally in lieu of becoming giant themselves; robots were generally destroyed, while other foes (aliens and monsters) were captured. Names marked with an asterisk were listed in end credits.

(Robot styles listed below are based on visual similarities; no similarities were mentioned in dialog.)

Foe Featured Episode Notes Robot
Bluehead* Beginnings, part 2
unknown Beginnings, part 2 robot pilot blue type 1 (pointy-nose)
Praxis* Confronted Mora's monster unique turbine robot
Ringbah* Walls alien blue type 1
rejected monsters Dogged assorted "monsters" (gathered by Broodwing per Mora's plan?); Rhinix was chosen from among them
Rhinix* Dogged alien
T-Top* A-Bridged alien; grew against his will when bitten by Broodwing's bat; reverted with Megazord's Shrink Cuffs
Hydrax A-Bridged alien, disguised herself as "Diane" (credited as such)
Bugglesworth* Sam, parts 1 & 2 Mora's monster red type 2 (multi-dish); given teleportation powers by Sam
Orangehead Sam, parts 1 & 2 credited as "Orange Head"
Dru* / Giganis* Idol alien, Sky's old friend; used a device to grow, shrank and reverted to Dru upon defeat by Megazord
Sinuku* Stakeout alien black type 3 (V-head)
Orangehead Shadow, part 1 — 
insect monster Shadow, part 1 Mora's monster; only seen in giant size
Bluehead Shadow, part 2 robot pilot blue type 4 (drills)
General Benaag* Shadow, part 2 alien; credited simply as "Benaag"
Bluehead Abandoned robot pilot orange type 1
Drakel* Abandoned alien
Valko* Wired, parts 1 & 2 alien
Bluehead* Wired, part 1 robot pilot white type 5 (gladiator)
Goradon Wired, part 2 giant robot/monster, emerged from underground; destroyed
Tomars* Boom alien; credited as "Tomars," called "General Tomars" by Slate1
Wootox* Recognition alien white type 3 (winged)
Katana* Samurai alien
Samurai autonomous robot Morato
green creature Dismissed alien or monster?; some fansites use the name "Invador" (source unknown) green type 5
Changtor* Dismissed alien or monster?; apparently grew under his own power; defeated (and arrested?) by Delta Squad Megazord — 
Green Eyes* Perspective alien white type 4
Shorty* Messenger, parts 1 & 2 alien; grew apparently under his own power2, destroyed (or captured?) by Omegamax Megazord
Devastation* Messenger, parts 1 & 2 alien magenta type 6 (jaw-gut); robot piloted by Morgana3 and then Devastation4
Mysticon* Zapped alien; aided by Al* black type 7 (bat-wing)
Slate* Reflection, part 1 alien magenta type 6
Slate's impressions Reflection, part 1 assorted foes into which Slate transformed himself (Rhinix, Hydrax, Bugglesworth, Sinuku, Tomars, Devastation) — 
Mirloc* Reflection, part 2 alien
Bluehead Reflection, part 2 unique feminine robot
Thresher* S.W.A.T., part 1 alien; robot pilot black type 8 (Y-chest)
Stench* S.W.A.T., part 1 alien; used SWAT-inspired armor
scorpion monster S.W.A.T., parts 1 & 2 illusion used by Sergeant Silverback while training the Rangers
Thresher* & Stench* (again) S.W.A.T., part 2 both using SWAT-inspired armor
blob monster Robotpalooza Mora's monster black type 8
One-Eye* Robotpalooza Mora's monster; only appeared in giant size
Silverhead* Robotpalooza Mora's monster purple type 5
Gineka* Robotpalooza alien unique transforming robot (robot mode and jet mode)
Delapoo* & Chiaggo* Robotpalooza aliens (Delapoo purple and Chiaggo white?5) purple alien piloted black type 7, white alien piloted red type 2
Mooney* Katastrophe alien black type 1 (remotely piloted), Gigabot (remotely piloted)
Bork* Missing alien red type 7
Dragoul* History monster; battled in normal size, then resurfaced in giant size (unknown means of growth) — 
Dragoul* (second) History monster; emerged in giant size
Kraw* Impact alien
Icthior* Badge alien
Broodwing* Badge robot pilot robot resembling Morato but with gold front
Delex* Resurrection alien; grew using energy drained from humans; defeated (and captured?) by SWAT Megazord
Broodwing's squad Endings, part 1 assorted aliens (?) in SWAT-like armor (Crabhead* in gold armor, spike-headed warrior in black armor, feminine warrior in red armor)
Broodwing* Endings, part 1 piloted drill tank to enter Delta Base with army, later joined his squad in battling the Rangers drill tank
A-Squad Endings, part 1 unique Zord (apparently had a drill tank mode which resembled — or was — Broodwing's drill tank)
Mora's monsters Endings, part 2 assorted monsters Mora unleashed while trying to flee from Cruger — 
Omni* Endings, part 2 enormous body formed from Gruumm's ship
wormhole army Wormhole assorted monsters created by Mora, allied with Zeltrax


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How did Slate impersonate Bugglesworth (one of Mora's monsters) if he needed DNA to copy people?

Unspecified; Mirloc did say Slate needed "a data scan of their genetic code" to copy warriors, and Slate paid Broodwing for one or more such scans6, but we don't know whether he needed the genetic code to copy Mora's monsters (though if he did, one might assume this meant Mora's monsters had genetic codes).

From which robots did Mooney used parts to create the Gigabot?

As Mooney spoke of using "the best parts of the best robots," his monitor showed various parts being contributed from six robots7:

  • a torso from Gineka's robot8
  • a chest turbine from Praxis's robot9
  • drill arms from blue type 4 robot10
  • shoulders from magenta type 6 robot11
  • legs and lower body from black type 3 robot12
  • a pincer tail from the arm of a blue type 1 robot13

Was A-Squad's robot in the finale just a transformed version of Broodwing's drill tank?

Perhaps; though the footage did appear to show A-Squad's robot transforming from a tank matching the one Broodwing had recently used to infiltrate the Delta Base (and additional parts for limbs)14, the similarity wasn't mentioned in dialog. (It could also be noted that the glimpse of the robot's apparent tank mode passed fairly quickly, such that many viewers might not have noticed it.)

Were any of Broodwing's robots referred to as Zords?

None were, with the apparent exception of A-Squad's robot: after the team's robot transformed (from the drill tank Broodwing had used to enter the Delta Base?), Charlie noted, "It's Zord time," and the team entered the robot15.

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