artificial intelligence whose robotic forces attacked Corinth

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Associated Elements

Venjix's palace
ravaged landscape outside Corinth, patrolled by Venjix's forces (see Wasteland)
Venjix's base of operations; located in the wasteland
column which usually housed Venjix's consciousness
robotic foot soldiers
flying vehicles piloted by Grinders
humans (such as Dillon, Tenaya, and many others) containing some degree of robotic implants, potentially placing them under Venjix's control


Venjix's consciousness inhabited a number of mechanical bodies.

Body #1
(and #2)
Body #3
Body #4

Generals / Aides

The following agents served Venjix:

General Shifter
General Crunch
General Kilobyte
Professor Cog
General Shifter
bulky general
General Crunch
cackling general
Tenaya 7 / Tenaya 15
humanoid warrior created from Dillon's sister (see Tenaya)
General Kilobyte
scheming general who appeared later
Professor Cog
general who crossed dimensions to acquire Sanzu River water

Attack Bots

Most Attack Bots listed below were robotic creations of the Venjix or his generals. Unless otherwise noted, they were enlarged (when applicable) by a process in Venjix's palace known as "the download." Names marked with an asterisk were listed in end credits. Names in brackets were monster-like roles fulfilled by what were arguably non-monsters.

Attack Bot Featured Episode Notes
smoke robot The Road to Corinth, Fade to Black described in dialog as "generation 5 attack bot," otherwise unnamed
Water Hoser* Rain described in dialog as "generation 9 ambphibious attack bot"; name listed in end credits
Gopher Bot Go for the Green described in dialog as "subterranean plutonic Gopher Bot"
Noz Bot Handshake described in dialog as "Noz Bot attack system generation 9"
magnet robot Ranger Green some fan sites list the name "Magnetron"
canister robot Ranger Red
Boom Bot Ranger Yellow, part 1 name given by Dr. K in dialog
Camera Attack Bot Ranger Yellow, part 2 name given in dialog in previous episode; grew with a white gleam (without "the download?")
lava robot Ranger Blue apparently grew under its own power after absorbing lava
Reflects Bot Doctor K described in dialog as "Reflects Bot generation 12"; initial bot shut down and shrank during giant battle, second later attacked (only seen in giant size)
Reflects Bot (second) Doctor K
Gat Bot Blitz named in dialog
vat robot Blitz some fan sites list the name "Broiler Bot"
Sat Bot Blitz named in dialog
electric robot Brother's Keeper some fan sites list the name "Lightning Bot"
oil robot Embodied some fan sites list the name "Oil Bot"
Dyna-Bot* Ghosts named in dialog and end credits
Vacuum Bot In or Out named in dialog
Saw Bot Prisoners described in dialog as "Saw Bot generation 15"
Saw Bot (second) Belly of the Beast described in dialog as "Saw Bot generation 16"
balloon robot Three's a Crowd some fan sites list the name "Balloon Bot"
Textile Bot Three's a Crowd described in dialog as "generation 3 Textile Bot"
manhole robot Heroes Among Us
knight robot Not So Simple some fan sites list the name "Knight Bot"
Hammer Attack Bot Not So Simple named in dialog
Chemical Bot The Dome Dolls described in dialog as "generation 3 chemical bot"
dowsing robot And... Action! some fan sites list the name "Dowser Bot"
Roto-Bot Ancient History described in dialog as "series 2 Rotor (?) Bot"
Heat Bot Key to the Past named in dialog
Hyper Bot Beyond a Doubt named in dialog, also described as "generation 16 technology"
dumbbell robot Control-Alt-Delete
? Run Ziggy Run
? If Venjix Won
Energy Bot End Game described in dialog as "generation 12 Energy Bot"
chimera robot End Game
? Danger and Destiny, part 1
? Danger and Destiny, part 2


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