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Real Name Wesley1
Last Name Collins2

Associated Characters/Elements

Mr. Collins
Wes's father (see Mr. Collins)


Time Force

Wes was being groomed to replace his father at Bio-Lab3 (and attend attend Harvard?4) when Jen (temporarily) recruited him to unlock the fifth Chrono Morpher5; she made him a permanent member some time later6. Wes showed the Rangers to the clock tower7, where he joined them after moving out of his father's house to "make [his] own future"8. After his identity was revealed to his father in battle, Wes refused Mr. Collins' invitation to lead the profit-based Silver Guardians9 (a role Eric soon filled10). Meanwhile, Wes and Jen continued to grow closer11. Later, Alex arrived12 to take over as Red Ranger, noting Wes's destiny was to take over at Bio-Lab once his father died (Wes learned of his father's injuries at this point)13. Wes did take over14 but left to lead the Rangers to victory against Dragontron after learning his father had been proud of him; inspired by Wes's insistence on choosing his own destiny, Alex healed Mr. Collins, and Wes and his father reconciled15. Wes later apparently succeeded in convincing Mr. Collins to abandon the creation of Trizirium crystals16. As a time hole crisis began, Wes tricked his teammates into returning to the future for their own safety17; formerly belligerent Eric passed Wes his Morpher18, and the others rejoined Wes, helping him defuse the crisis (see Trizirium crystals); Wes and Jen confessed their mutual love before she departed once more19. Wes then accepted his father's invitation to lead the newly non-profit Silver Guardians, on the condition Eric would be his partner (Eric agreed)20.

Wild Force

Wes and Eric were both still in the Silver Guardians (see Silver Guardians for details regarding their relative ranks) when they helped the Wild Force Rangers against Mut-Orgs21; during this time, Wes was reunited with Jen22 (who was last seen at the Rangers' victory picnic)23. Wes and Eric also joined in Tommy's Red Ranger mission24.


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