Wild Force Rangers

Ranger team who battled the Orgs

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Season Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)
Visual Theme animals
Number of Rangers 5 (+1: Lunar Wolf)

Team Equipment

Growl Phone
Crystal Sabers
with crystals
Jungle Sword
Savage Cycles
(not shown: Wolf)
Jungle Blaster
Growl Phones
communicators / Morphers (x5)
Animal Crystals
small spherical crystals associated with assorted Wild Zords (see Animal Crystals)
Crystal Sabers
short blades (x5) into which an Animal Crystal could be inserted to call Wild Zords
Jungle Sword
team blade (x1), assembled from individual weapons (x5)
Savage Cycles
motorcycles (x6)
Jungle Blaster
team blaster (x1), assembled from additional weapons (x5)

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White Ranger

White Ranger
White Tiger Baton
Known Users Alyssa1, Emma2
Stripe Count 1
Alias Noble Tiger
Primary Wild Zord White Tiger
Jungle Sword Weapon White Tiger Baton
Jungle Blaster Weapon Deer Clutcher

Black Ranger

Black Ranger
Black Bison Axe
Known Users Danny3, Jake4
Stripe Count 2
Alias Iron Bison
Primary Wild Zord Black Bison
Jungle Sword Weapon Black Bison Axe
Jungle Blaster Weapon Rhino Shooter

Blue Ranger

Blue Ranger
Blue Shark
Fighting Fins

Known Users Max5, Noah6
Stripe Count 3
Alias Surging Shark
Primary Wild Zord Blue Shark
Jungle Sword Weapon Blue Shark Fighting Fins
Jungle Blaster Weapon Sword of Pardolis

Yellow Ranger

Yellow Ranger
Golden Eagle Sword
Yellow Ranger
Super Megaforce
Known Users Taylor7, Gia8
Stripe Count 4
Alias Soaring Eagle
Primary Wild Zord Yellow Eagle
Jungle Sword Weapon Golden Eagle Sword
Jungle Blaster Weapon Armadillo Puck

Red Ranger

Red Ranger
Red Lion Fang
Lion Blaster
Falcon Summoner
Wild Force Rider
in flight
Red Savage Warrior
Known Users Cole9, Noah10, Troy11
Stripe Count 5
Alias Blazing Lion
Primary Wild Zord Red Lion
Jungle Sword Weapon Red Lion Fang
Jungle Blaster Weapon Falconator
Lion Blaster
blaster form of Red Lion Fang
Falcon Summoner
bow used to summon Falcon Zord
Wild Force Rider
Red's flying bike
Red Savage Warrior
Red's powered-up form (armor also referred to as Animarium Armor)

Lunar Wolf Ranger

Lunar Wolf Ranger
Lunar Lunar Caller
Lunar Cue
Sniper Mode
Known Users Merrick12
Stripe Count 6
Alias Howling Wolf
Primary Wild Zord Wolf
Lunar Caller
Lunar Wolf's communicator / Morpher
Lunar Cue
Lunar Wolf's sword / rifle / pool stick


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Dino Thunder

Hayley noted most Rangers didn't have their powers anymore13 (presumably including the Wild Force Rangers?).

Super Megaforce

The Super Mega Rangers used the Wild Force powers in the following ways:

  • Five Wild Force Ranger Keys allowed the main Super Mega Rangers to morph into Wild Force Rangers (during which Yellow sported a skirt matching White's)14.
  • The Super Megaforce Rangers used the five Wild Force keys to summon Red Lion15.
  • The Lunar Wolf Ranger's powers (via a Lunar Wolf key) were apparently among sixth-Ranger powers used in Orion's Gold Mode16.

The six Wild Force Rangers themselves later joined in the Legendary Battle17.


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