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Last Name Aston (dialog)1, Aton (Power Rangers website, DVD subtitles, other official materials?)

Associated Characters/Elements

Gray Manx
thief from whom Will stole two of the Scrolls of Neptune


Due to Andrew Hartford's DNA resequencer, Will acquired superhuman senses (and perhaps martial arts prowess)2. His senses were demonstrated as superhuman hearing3 and telescopic vision4 (even seeing around corners, apparently?5).


Operation Overdrive

A high-tech thief who apparently specialized in recovering stolen artifacts, Will was recruited by Andrew Hartford to serve as the Black Ranger6. When the Rangers lost their powers (and Sentinel Knight brought in replacements), the Overdrive team split up (Will tested security systems) until Rose called them back together to help Mack retrieve the Excelsior sword7. After the Overdrive Rangers' final victory, Will announced his intent to train a team of artifact recovery specialists8.


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